Show a second add to cart button on single products

In today’s guide we will be adding a second add to cart button lower on the shop page to give the ability to customers reading long descriptions or numerous reviews to immediately add the product to the cart without having to scroll back up. Furthermore we will be using some CSS to make the button stick to the footer.

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Show sale percentage and savings on WooCommerce products

Sales are a great tool store owners have at their disposal to attract customer interest and sell more products. WooCommerce of course offers the ability to put products on sale by adding a sale price along with the product’s regular price. Then on the front end it makes sure the customer notices on-sale products by adding a sale badge with the word SALE on it and showing the regular price with a strike-through next to the sale price.

What if we were to make this a bit more intriguing to your customers though? How about instead of just a simple word, we display the percentage of the discount on the sale badge, and additionally we display a small text next to the single product price with the amount of money the user saves while the product is on sale? Sounds good? Let’s see how we can achieve it.

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Create an awesome business listing with Listee

Our updated version of our beautiful business directory theme Listee, based on the Ignition Framework, has just landed. Listee is the perfect theme for creating business listings of any type, whether it is restaurants, bars, doctor’s offices, car shops and anything else you might imagine. Backed by the very popular WP Job Manager plugin, Listee is guaranteed to give you the best results for your new business listing site.

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