New tweaks and features for the AudioIgniter plugin

It’s been a bit more than two and a half years ago where we set on a mission to build a great solution for everyone who’s looking to easily manage large collections of music tracks and showcase them in a beautiful player directly on their WordPress website. AudioIgniter, our free audio plugin for WordPress, is the culmination of our effort in doing just that and after all this time we’re really happy that the final product has been well received and is being used on thousands of WordPress installations.

We’ve been gathering a lot of feedback from AudioIgniter’s users and after some time triaging and prioritizing everything we’re starting to roll out all the exciting new stuff that you’ve asked about.

Both the free AudioIgniter plugin and its PRO upgrade have been updated today and here are some of the things we’re pushing on today’s release.

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How to add SVG support to WordPress media uploader

WordPress allows the users to upload many file formats via its built in media uploader. Among them one can find the most popular image file formats, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .ico. As you might have noticed SVG files are not among the ones allowed. In today’s article we’ll learn more about SVG and then we’ll add support for them in WordPress’ media uploader.

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Hide the WordPress update notifications from all users except administrators

Between minor and major releases, WordPress is regularly updated with new features, improvements on existing ones, security fixes and more. If you have automatic updates enabled on your site, minor releases are downloaded and installed silently without requiring any action from the site’s administrator. However this is not the case for major releases. Once a major release is out a prompt will appear in the WordPress dashboard letting you know that there is a new major update available for your site urging you to install it.

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50 Free Help Desk Icons

Here’s another fantastic icon pack generously provided by our friends over at! This set consists of 50 icons in 3 variations. Linear color, color flat and linear. It’s also available in AI, PNG and SVG format for easy editing. What are you waiting for?

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How to remove the default admin username in WordPress

A pretty basic security measure you can take with WordPress is to not use the default admin username on your site. The default administrator username is the subject of most brute force attacks, because as a default, it is known to everyone. If it exists the attacker only has to guess the password to gain access to your site, instead of having to guess both of them, this makes their job significantly easier. If your site has this account it is wise to remove it as soon as possible. This article will explain how you can do so.

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How To Hide The Default WordPress Login URL

Continuing with our WordPress security theme, in this guide we’ll find out how we can further prevent unauthorized login attempts by hiding the default WordPress login URL. This introduces a big obstacle to attackers who by default target wp-login.php or wp-admin/, you can’t attack what’s not there, right? How are we going to do that? You guessed it, there’s a plugin for it.

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How to limit login attempts on your WordPress site

If you have read any WordPress security hardening related article, you know that you need to somehow limit the number of login attempts a certain IP can make before it gets locked out, this is done to prevent malicious actors by gaining access to your site via brute force attacks. Due to WordPress’ popularity as a site building platform, attacks on it are pretty common. Luckily it’s pretty easy to protect your site from them and, of course, there’s a plugin for this!

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How To Import Microsoft Word .docx Documents To WordPress

If you have ever tried to import a Word document into WordPress you would know that it simply does not work. Preserving the document’s format is impossible at the moment, especially using copy paste, due to differences between HTML structure and the structure used by Word. What can we do then? Well, there is a plugin for that!

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20 Best Cursive Fonts to Download for Free

Every font has a unique personality and purpose. While working on a project, it’s necessary to know which font matches the intended tone of communication. Some of today’s most popular typefaces are cursives (also known as scripts). Cursive fonts are elegant, classic, stylish and formal. When used appropriately, a cursive font can add the perfect touch to a project. In this collection we have put together 20 amazing free cursive fonts for your future projects that you can choose from.

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How To Optimize, Repair or Backup Your WordPress Database

In today’s short tutorial we’ll have a look at how to take care and backup our site’s database. This way we can make sure that our site runs optimally and prevent unexpected data loss.

What is the database?

According to Wikipedia a database is an organised collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. This means that the WordPress database is the place where all our site’s generated data lives, posts, pages, users, comments and more, everything is stored in it. For more information about the WordPress database you can have a look at this WPBeginner glossary entry, and for an in depth look at the default tables and their relations you can check out the database description in the codex.

From all the above we can easily figure out that the database is pretty important for the well-being of our site, any corruption can result to irreversible loss of data and accumulation of clutter might make queries, and by extension our site, slower. Below we’ll find out how we can backup, optimize and repair our database, to prevent these issues.

To help us with these tasks we will be using the WP-DBManager plugin which is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository.

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