Quick interview with Michael Hebenstreit (mhthemes.com)

Hi could you tell us a little about yourself and background?

I have a background in the banking industry, but since a few years I’m mainly involved in online marketing, SEO and web development. I’m the founder and CEO of Array Internet which is a media company based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Our most successful project is MH Themes, which is an established and popular brand providing premium WordPress themes for online magazines, news websites and advanced blogs.

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How to add a custom page template using a child theme

Page templates are a great way to present your content in a way that differs from the rest of your WordPress site. For example, a page template might present a page without a sidebar, or display your blog posts in a categorized fashion, which then you can assign as your website’s front page. Most themes nowadays provide quite a selection of page templates, but yours might not, or it might not quite do what you need it to do. Let’s see when and how you should create a custom page template.

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Let’s make a mobile drawer menu with the jQuery.mmenu plugin

It’s been a few years now where nobody even thinks about making a website that’s not responsive and mobile friendly. Mobile phones and tablets have become the primary means of accessing the web for the majority of people, and providing a great experience for mobile users has become a real responsibility for every website owner.

After the website’s content itself, probably the most crucial component of any website is its main navigation as it is in many cases the only way users can navigate around a website and discover its offerings.

While a navigation menu for desktop views is arguably a solved problem and the best patterns have been concretely established for far more than a decade, we’re still not 100% percent clear on the truly best patterns for our mobile menus types, styles and UX. The most popular patterns emerged a few years back, with the hamburger triggered menu being the most prevalent. On touch it usually reveals either a drawer (which is also the most popular approach and can be placed top, left, bottom or right), a dropdown, or an expanded list.

In this small tutorial we’ll see how easy it is to create a navigation menu which turns into a hamburger drawer mobile menu using the magnificent jQuery.mmenu plugin.

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Grow your audience with the right subscription form!

Your WordPress site is awesome.

But what makes it ultra-awesome is that it enables you to convert first time visitors into subscribers and into potential customers. How? Add stunning signup forms and popup subscription boxes anywhere you deem necessary, in order to increase conversions.

Moosend, the popular email marketing service provider has just released their breezy subscription forms for creative marketers! You can grow your list fast and effectively, with a signup form that is worthy of your beautiful website.

“Why are subscription forms all that important in the first place?”, you might ask.

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Use AdRotate to manage ads on your WordPress site

Ads are a quick and easy way to start getting some revenue out of your WordPress website. Creating ads and managing ad campaigns might become a taxing task, monitoring impressions and clicks,  generating statistics, making sure expired ads don’t appear on your site, and more, there’s a lot to take care of. Here’s where AdRotate comes in to play.

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Free SVG & PNG icon pack: Mobile functions

Here’s another great free icon pack generously provided by our friends over at freepik.com & flaticon.com

This time the set consists of 50 icons available in 3 different variations (Outlines, flat & linecolor). In the zip file you will find SVG & PNG version for all 3 versions, a total of 600 icons ready to be used in any personal or commercial project! (Well, just make sure to credit the original author, that’s not much to ask I guess). Enjoy!

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Create a photography e-commerce site with Benson

A couple of months ago we wrote an article discussing the suitability of WordPress for photography sites. Turns out WordPress is a great tool to help you showcase your work and if you so desire, sell it online.

Here’s where Benson comes in. We have updated our beautiful portfolio theme to be more than just that. Benson is now WooCommerce compatible, which means that you can use it to easily create an e-commerce site and sell your work. WooCommerce can perfectly handle sales of digital media as well as physical ones, and combined with the stunning appearance of Benson, your sales are bound to go up.

Benson’s WooCommerce implementation follows a new direction we’re taking with WooCommerce themes. The desired layout is achieved using only styling, no template overrides. This results in a theme that’s easier to work with and makes it more compatible with future WooCommerce releases.

Check it out below and happy sales!

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Spencer is now WooCommerce compatible

We have recently updated our beautiful blogging theme, Spencer, to be compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Combine Spencer’s clean and beautiful design with WooCommerce’s ease and flexibility to create the perfect e-commerce site for your business.

We have taken a new approach when it comes to Spencer’s WooCommerce implementation. The layout is achieved purely with styling without any template overrides, this gives you a theme that’s easier to work with and, most importantly, much more maintainable when it comes to future WooCommerce releases.

Check it out below and happy sales!

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Writing effective CSS for WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly a great content management platform and for the many use cases it covers it brings a lot of developer benefits on the table. Among the benefits, however, there are a handful of thorns sticking out and one of the sharpest ones is arguably CSS authoring which unfortunately can’t be blunted by the core team because it’s not inherently a fault within WordPress itself.

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