The Ignition Framework is here

In case you haven’t noticed, a couple of days ago we released a couple of themes with familiar names. Aegean Resort and Convert, two of our most popular themes have been rewritten from scratch to be part of our new Ignition Framework based themes. Both have kept their great appearance and functionality, but under the hood everything is brand new. Keep reading to find out more about the new framework.

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The brand new Convert business WordPress theme

We are delighted to announce that our latest project is now ready for prime time. During the summer we’ve been working on a brand new framework which will be the core of all our themes going forward. Today we are releasing the first couple of themes based on the sparkling new Ignition Framework. In this article we will take a look at Convert, the first business theme based on the new framework.

We have designed and built both the theme and the underlying framework from scratch and focused our efforts on performance, ease of use, modularity, security and best coding practices. Keep reading to find out more about them.

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Meet the new Aegean Resort

During the summer we have been hard at work designing and building our new Ignition Framework. We are excited to announce that it’s now ready and today we are releasing the first couple of themes based on it. In this article we’ll take a look at the first one, which is a re-imagining of our very popular Aegean Resort hotel theme.

Both the theme and the underlying Ignition Framework have been designed and written from scratch with focus on ease of use, great performance, modularity, security and clean code. Let’s find out a bit more about Aegean Resort and the Ignition Framework.

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Meet our new small business WordPress theme, Lefkada

Welcome to Lefkada, our latest premium WordPress theme for small businesses. It is the ideal theme for anyone looking to build their own clean and simple website to promote their business. Lefkada is based on a streamlined version of our theme framework and offers extensive customization options while being very easy to setup and use. Below we’ll take a look at some of the theme’s main features.

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Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store

We have just released our latest plugin CSSIgniter Quick View which allows you to easily add a quick view button to your WooCommerce store products. Users can preview the products directly from the product catalog and even add them to their cart if they want to. The plugin has a free version available to everyone from the WordPress plugin repository here and a premium version which offers many more features which can be found on our site. Let’s find out more about the plugin.

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