Roxima now supports WooCommerce!

Our beautiful one-page business theme Roxima has been updated with WooCommerce support.

Grab the latest version of Roxima from our downloads section, or update it through the dashboard if you are already using it, and create a beautiful eCommerce site.

WooCommerce integration was handled mainly via styling, with minimal modifications to templates and other WooCommerce workings to ensure lasting compatibility with future WooCommerce versions and easier, smoother updates.

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New features added to Olsen & Olsen Light

We have just released an updated for our most popular blogging themes. Both Olsen and the free Olsen Light got new features. A top bar with its bespoke menu has been added to both themes, additionally the themes now have the ability to share posts on LinkedIn, finally Olsen Light got a search box in the main menu bar. Read below for more info on these new features.

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20 Best Fashion Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes 2019

Blogging and especially fashion blogging, is on the rise, that’s why we have created this list with our top picks for WordPress themes specially crafted for bloggers. Whether you are just looking to share your obsession with everything new in fashion with the world, or you already are an established blogger looking to upgrade the appearance of your website, our list will help you find the theme you’ve been looking for.

We have selected the themes in this list based on a few key factors. First it was the theme’s appearance, because let’s face it, it’s the first thing your visitors will see, we want it to be as well designed as possible. Next it was ease of use, whether it is during the initial setup or further down the road when using any features provided by the theme, we need things to be quick and intuitive so we can spend more time on what matters, our content. Another factor was customization options, here we are looking for the right amount of customization options bundled in the theme, not too little that we will have to dive into code just to make the theme color scheme to match our brand, but not too many to the point that we get lost in buttons, sliders and color-pickers. Finally we took into account overall existing user satisfaction regarding everything mentioned above and additionally updates and support, happy users are a sign of a good product.

Let’s take a look at the list!

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How to duplicate posts, pages or custom post type items in WordPress

There are many cases in which you might need to create an identical copy of a post, page or custom post type on your WordPress site. You might need to work on the redesign of a page without messing up the original, check out edits on a post that is already being worked on by another editor, allow a client to make their own changes on a post and preview theme without affecting the live version, and so on. For this you need a reliable tool to help you clone any post item quickly and easily. Luckily there is one.

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Meet the new CSSIgniter theme framework and the first theme using it

A few days ago we released Moliere a beautiful hospitality theme, but more about that later on. You might have noticed that there was a longer than usual period between our latest release and the previous one. This was not because we were on vacation, no, we were hard at work building a new theme framework from scratch to make our themes much more versatile while staying true to our motto of themes “without the confusing parts”.

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New tweaks and features for the AudioIgniter plugin

It’s been a bit more than two and a half years ago where we set on a mission to build a great solution for everyone who’s looking to easily manage large collections of music tracks and showcase them in a beautiful player directly on their WordPress website. AudioIgniter, our free audio plugin for WordPress, is the culmination of our effort in doing just that and after all this time we’re really happy that the final product has been well received and is being used on thousands of WordPress installations.

We’ve been gathering a lot of feedback from AudioIgniter’s users and after some time triaging and prioritizing everything we’re starting to roll out all the exciting new stuff that you’ve asked about.

Both the free AudioIgniter plugin and its PRO upgrade have been updated today and here are some of the things we’re pushing on today’s release.

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How to add SVG support to WordPress media uploader

WordPress allows the users to upload many file formats via its built in media uploader. Among them one can find the most popular image file formats, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .ico. As you might have noticed SVG files are not among the ones allowed. In today’s article we’ll learn more about SVG and then we’ll add support for them in WordPress’ media uploader.

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Hide the WordPress update notifications from all users except administrators

Between minor and major releases, WordPress is regularly updated with new features, improvements on existing ones, security fixes and more. If you have automatic updates enabled on your site, minor releases are downloaded and installed silently without requiring any action from the site’s administrator. However this is not the case for major releases. Once a major release is out a prompt will appear in the WordPress dashboard letting you know that there is a new major update available for your site urging you to install it.

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50 Free Help Desk Icons

Here’s another fantastic icon pack generously provided by our friends over at! This set consists of 50 icons in 3 variations. Linear color, color flat and linear. It’s also available in AI, PNG and SVG format for easy editing. What are you waiting for?

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