Sell more with Decorist

We have just released another premium WooCommerce theme for WordPress. Decorist is a minimal eCommerce theme best suited for home equipment, decoration, fashion related, or any other type of store that sells physical products. Read a quick introduction to the theme below.

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Announcing Dashboard Updates

You’ve asked for it. We listened.

We had it in our TODO list for quite some time, but today we deliver.

You can now update all your premium CSSIgniter themes and plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Just head over to the Downloads page, select the “Site Updates” tab, and download the CSSIgniter Updater plugin. Once you install activate it, go to Dashboard → Settings → CSSIgniter Updater, copy the Site URL and paste it into the appropriate field in the Downloads page. You will get a “key” which you need to paste back into the plugin’s settings, along with your username. Press “Save”. Done!

You’ll now get update notifications for your CSSIgniter products, just like any other theme and plugin. Got a multisite installation? No problem, it works there too; just network-enable the plugin and configure it once (as a Super Admin).

Do you have multiple websites? No problem. Just do the same for all your WordPress installations. Has your support contract ended with your client? Just remove his website from the “Site Updates” tab, and (s)he no longer get advantage of your Developer license.

You’ll have to be an active CSSIgniter customer to actually get any updates; after all, it’s just a different way of getting your zip files. But the update notifications will keep working even if your subscription has ended. This way, you will always be informed about the state of your themes.

You can find a step by step guide in our Knowledge Base (with screenshots) to guide you through the short process of setting it up.

That’s it! Enjoy your easy updates!

What’s new in WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 named after Cuban Jazz musician Bebo Valdés has been released last Thursday, December 6th, after a somewhat abrupt announcement of the final release date. Just shy of being the biggest release period between two major versions, 5.0 brings with it rather few changes, but one of them packs quite a punch by overhauling the cornerstone of WordPress itself, the text editor. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in WordPress 5.0.

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20 Best Free Script Fonts

Script fonts are great. They provide this calligraphic or handwritten style when needed. Here’s our collection of the best free script fonts out there.

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Quick Interview with Henry Rise – ThemeRex

If you are related to web design and development world some way or another, you have surely heard about ThemeForest. For those who are not 100% sure, this is one of the leading platforms for developers where they can sell their WordPress Themes.

Success stories are inspiring, aren’t they? They motivate us for action, so we are eager to hear/read more of them. This is just such kind of a story. But what’s even better, we will hear it from the source.

Would you like to know how not to get lost in the tough competition? Do you think there is still a chance to become a successful seller with a host of people joining this community?

There is no better way to clarify the situation than have a friendly conversation with one of the top-ranking sellers on ThemeForest – Henry Rise, the founder of ThemeRex.

OK, let’s start.

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Quick interview with Jeffrey Carandang (Phpbits Creative Studio)

Hi could you tell us a little about yourself and background?

My name is Jeffrey Carandang, also known as `phpbits` in the WordPress community. I am the creator of Widget Options, one of the top-rated WordPress plugins in the directory with more than 60k active install. I do have other awesome free plugins which you can see here: I’ve been creating and supporting plugins full-time for more than 3 years now.

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