About Us

"Without the confusing parts"

We love WordPress. We’ve been using it for our own projects since 2008. Back then WordPress themes wasn’t really a thing so we had to come up with our own “themes” for our client projects.

At some point in 2010 and after numerous successful client projects it was obvious that we knew a thing or two on what it takes to build a reliable WordPress theme. We also loved the idea of building niche WordPress themes that people would love to use. 

CSSIgniter is born

In 2012 we launched CSSIgniter.com with 10 WordPress themes. It was way more difficult than we thought but we managed to quickly establish a solid presence within the premium WordPress themes market.  People trusted us but for a reason: Our promise to provide fantastic support. You see any WordPress theme without proper guidance and support from the makers doesn’t mean much. Our rule “Provide a meaningful answer to all support requests within 24 hours, 7 days / week” is still standing and that’s a promise that we’ve been keeping since day 1.


Here’s a small selection of events that we are really proud of.


10 WordPress themes available for $39/year. Not a bad deal eh?


Our first exclusive Themeforest WordPress theme goes live. Muzak, a WordPress themes for musicians. More than 2,800 users use Muzak for their music websites.


More than 20,000 users have now purchased a theme club subscription from CSSIgniter.com. Scary at first but the future looked bright. We now have a selection of 35 themes in our catalog.


Received the Elite Author badge in Themeforest. To be honest, we didn’t see that coming. But we did receive it and that gave us a boost of confidence to produce even more quality niche WordPress themes.


We are now WordPress.com official theme partners. Our most popular blogging theme, Olsen, joins the WordPress.com family of themes and currently powers more than 10,000 blogs.


We have now served more than 90,000 users from 140 different countries. The best thing? Our users are satisfied with both our themes and support system. Here’s what people think about us.

Not good: 4%
We do know that one size doesn’t fit all but we really tried.


Oh we do have big plans for the future. More themes, better themes, more flexible options and tighter integration with popular plugins are some of the things that we’ve been working on for a while. 

Not just a business.

You see, WordPress is more than just a content management system. It’s the community behind it. The volunteers and enthusiasts who happily donate their time to improve WordPress on a daily basis. We are part of this community and it’s quite possibly the best one out there. Public talks, workshops and sponsorships. This is how we show our appreciation to all these people. 

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018.
Gerasimos was on a mission to keep people calm about the big changes introduced in WordPress.50

Here's a small sample of our engagement with the WordPress community.

2010 – WordCamp Greece, Thessaloniki

Using WordPress as a CMS.

2011 – WordCamp Greece, Thessaloniki

Pros and cons of using WordPress frameworks.

2013 – Digitized Conference – Athens, Greece

Workshop: Building a WordPress theme.

2014 – The Cube – Athens, Greece

An introduction to the premium WordPress themes market.

2014 – WordPress GR Community – Athens, Greece

Building & Selling premium WordPress themes.

2015 – Found.ation workshop – Athens, Greece

Things to consider while buying an e-commerce theme for WordPress.

2016 – WordPress GR Community – Athens, Greece

Running a WordPress themes business.

2016 – WordPress GR Community – Larisa, Greece

WordPress Theming.

2016 – WordCamp Athens, Greece

UX Dashboard Tips for theme & plugin developers.

2018 – Design Athens – Athens, Greece

WordPress Workshop.

2018 – Vakalo Art & Design College – Athens, Greece

WordPress Workshop.

2018 – WordPress GR Community – Larisa, Greece

Project Gutenberg.

2018 – WordCamp Thessaloniki 

WordPress, Project Gutenberg and the next 15 years.

Well, that’s about it. If you need any help with anything, feel free to get in touch and we will be there for you within 24 hours.

All the best,
The CSSIgniter team

Meet the team

Gerasimos Tsiamalos

Designer, Co-Founder

Gerasimos discovered WordPress 11 years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since. After almost 3 years of running a rather successful service providing PSD to HTML/WordPress slicing services, he decided to transfer all this knowledge to CSSIgniter which he co-founded in 2012. He enjoys junk food more than many, healthier, things.

Anastis Sourgoutsidis

Web developer, Co-Founder

Anastis discovered the joy of WordPress after a prompt by Gerasimos. He despises strict object oriented programming as an all-in-one solution, and WordPress provides him with, what he believes to be, a fine blend of procedural and OO programming. He loves pasta so much, that even spaghetti code tempts him to dive in. Frappé-coffee and beer drinking guy.

Vassilis Mastorostergios

web developer

Don’t let this guy’s surname scare you. It’s hard for Greeks too. Vassilis constantly struggles between his love for design and his passion for front-end development. Between the two though, one thing is absolutely certain, WordPress holds a special section in his heart.

Nik Vourvachis

web developer

A few years back Vassilis introduced Nik to the wonderful world of web development. That was it, he got sucked in. Nowadays he spends most of his time cruising our support forum, helping people create awesome stuff with our themes. Science has yet to accurately measure his love for chocolate.

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