The Ignition Framework is here

In case you haven’t noticed, a couple of days ago we released a couple of themes with familiar names. Aegean Resort and Convert, two of our most popular themes have been rewritten from scratch to be part of our new Ignition Framework based themes. Both have kept their great appearance and functionality, but under the hood everything is brand new. Keep reading to find out more about the new framework.

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The brand new Convert business WordPress theme

We are delighted to announce that our latest project is now ready for prime time. During the summer we’ve been working on a brand new framework which will be the core of all our themes going forward. Today we are releasing the first couple of themes based on the sparkling new Ignition Framework. In this article we will take a look at Convert, the first business theme based on the new framework.

We have designed and built both the theme and the underlying framework from scratch and focused our efforts on performance, ease of use, modularity, security and best coding practices. Keep reading to find out more about them.

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Meet the new Aegean Resort

During the summer we have been hard at work designing and building our new Ignition Framework. We are excited to announce that it’s now ready and today we are releasing the first couple of themes based on it. In this article we’ll take a look at the first one, which is a re-imagining of our very popular Aegean Resort hotel theme.

Both the theme and the underlying Ignition Framework have been designed and written from scratch with focus on ease of use, great performance, modularity, security and clean code. Let’s find out a bit more about Aegean Resort and the Ignition Framework.

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20 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

The WordPress block editor, or “Gutenberg” as it’s widely known, was introduced in version 5.0 and despite the initial negative reception, it has both grown as a project seeing rapid improvements between WordPress major releases, but also has started gaining some traction and much needed acceptance in the WordPress community.

The new editor’s main goal was to improve the content creation experience on WordPress sites by making it more flexible and more intuitive to use. Each piece of content is a block, hence it’s name “block editor”, which can be easily manipulated and moved around to help the user achieve the desired flow in their content.

WordPress offers all the basic blocks you might need to start writing all your posts, but this did not stop third party developers from extending the functionality of the existing core blocks and creating entirely new ones which offer features not yet available in core blocks. There are many major plugins which offer custom blocks which complement their product by making it easier to use with the block editor, WooCommerce is one of them, it comes with built in blocks to display product grids, featured and on-sale products, a cart and many more.

Apart from product enhancing blocks, there are many plugins in which the blocks are the products. Developers create collections of blocks which add new functionality to the block editor, such as maps, testimonials, ratings, tabs, food menus and more.

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How to add tables in your WordPress pages

Tables might be out of date when it comes to website creation but they are the ideal tool to present tabular data with. Creating a table in WordPress was quite hard because the user needed to write the markup manually so the need arose for plugins which could do that more intuitively, the most popular among them being TablePress. However with the block editor the tables have turned and there is now a core block which can be used to easily and quickly create a table and add it to the content.

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How to add an Instagram feed on your website with Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Instagram is all the rage these days and has become a must-have social network when it comes to promoting your work and products, especially to a younger audience. It is imperative to make your feed as accessible as possible. One way to increase your followers is to have your feed visible on your website, this way visitors can instantly check it out and follow you for news and updates on your products and services. To help us display our feed we will be using Smash Baloon’s Social Photo Feed plugin.

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How to add an image gallery using the block editor with Envira Gallery

Galleries are an easy way to give some color to your content, make it easier on the eyes and more appealing to the reader. They are also a great tool to help you promote your products and services in advertorials or reviews. With the continuous evolution and increasing popularity of the WordPress block editor most popular gallery management plugins offer custom blocks to let you embed your galleries in the post content. Envira Gallery is one of them, let’s take a quick look at the functionality it offers.

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How to add a contact form using the block editor with WPForms Lite

One of the cornerstone pages for any WordPress site is the contact page because it allows your visitors to interact with you directly. Whether it is an inquiry about a product or service you sell, a business proposal, or even a simple thank your from a satisfied customer, the contact page is the gateway to you. A contact page can be slim and elegant including only the contact form, or it can be more informative by offering a map with the location of your business, telephone numbers, addresses and more. In this article we will create a contact form page using the WPForms Lite plugin which offers a custom block to help us embed forms easily using the block editor.

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WordPress 5.5 released – What’s new

WordPress 5.5 is the second major release of 2020 after WordPress 5.4 released in March 31st, a third major release 5.6 is planned for December. This release further progresses with phase 2 of Project Gutenberg which aims to redefine the way we publish content on the web. This is accomplished with the introduction of block patterns, the block directory and block inserter, and more than 1500 improvements to the overall editor experience.

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Reply to comments easily with Modern Admin Comments

This content is a guest post written by Thibaut, content manager at WPMarmite. WPMarmite is a French blog dedicated to WordPress, where you can find in-depth WordPress tutorials and reviews to help beginners build their website.

“Awesome post! Keep up the great work!” For a user, posting this kind of comment on WordPress is pretty simple.

Only three fields are required. All you have to do is fill in your first name, your last name, and of course, write your comment (your website is not compulsory). That’s it.

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