Block editor series – MetaSlider

Sliders are a great way to capture the reader’s attention. You can easily feature anything you want to promote whether it is content on your site, products you sell or services you offer. In this article we will check out the process of creating a slider and using a custom block to embed it in our content.

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How to create a photo gallery with the block editor with Modula Gallery

Galleries are a great way to break the monotony of continuous text, they can make your articles appear less daunting and more appealing to the average reader. They can also help readers visualize concepts you are writing about and of course they can be great assets when it comes to promoting products or services. All the above reasons make inline galleries a great asset for any content creator out there. In today’s installment of our block editor related articles we will be using the Modula Gallery plugin to help us create and use galleries in our content.

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Block editor series – FooGallery

Whether you want to spice up your post’s content with some images to make it more pleasing to the reader’s eye, or are a photography professional who wants to promote and showcase your work, you need a simple and effective way of creating galleries and adding them in the content. The WordPress block editor offers a quick and easy way of bundling a few images in a gallery and placing them along the text, but if you need something more complex you might need to take a look at custom blocks provided by plugins like FooGallery.

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Reply to comments easily with Modern Admin Comments

This content is a guest post written by Thibaut, content manager at WPMarmite. WPMarmite is a French blog dedicated to WordPress, where you can find in-depth WordPress tutorials and reviews to help beginners build their website.

“Awesome post! Keep up the great work!” For a user, posting this kind of comment on WordPress is pretty simple.

Only three fields are required. All you have to do is fill in your first name, your last name, and of course, write your comment (your website is not compulsory). That’s it.

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