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“There’s a plugin for that”. Tutorials for various WordPress tasks and ways to improve your productivity in both the WordPress dashboard and the front-end of your WordPress website.

Block editor series – Caldera Forms

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Block editor series – Caldera Forms WordPress template

Contact forms provide a quick and easy way for site visitors to communicate with the owner, this makes contact pages essential for any modern website. Today we’re going to use the Caldera Forms plugin to create a contact form for our block based contact page.

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Reply to comments easily with Modern Admin Comments

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Reply to comments easily with Modern Admin Comments WordPress template

This content is a guest post written by Thibaut, content manager at WPMarmite. WPMarmite is a French blog dedicated to WordPress, where you can find in-depth WordPress tutorials and reviews to help beginners build their website.

“Awesome post! Keep up the great work!” For a user, posting this kind of comment on WordPress is pretty simple.

Only three fields are required. All you have to do is fill in your first name, your last name, and of course, write your comment (your website is not compulsory). That’s it.

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Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store

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Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store WordPress template

We have just released our latest plugin CSSIgniter Quick View which allows you to easily add a quick view button to your WooCommerce store products. Users can preview the products directly from the product catalog and even add them to their cart if they want to. The plugin has a free version available to everyone from the WordPress plugin repository here and a premium version which offers many more features which can be found on our site. Let’s find out more about the plugin.

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Create flexible headings with Heading Plus!

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Create flexible headings with Heading Plus! WordPress template

The updates for our popular Elementor add-on WordPress plugin, Elements Plus keep on coming! This time we created a flexible heading element which gives you the ability to create a heading consisting of three sections and use different colors, background colors and typography for each section.

The element allows you to create headings consisting of three different sections/words. Each one has separate controls for text color, background color, typography, text shadow and padding. Additionally the heading can be linked as a whole to a particular URL internal or external. Combined together these features will allow you to create  headings with different colors and typography per word to make them more visually engaging.

Check out some of the widget’s capabilities here and grab your copy from the WordPress plugin repository today!

The 7 best image gallery blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

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The 7 best image gallery blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor WordPress template

Last time we took a look at the best custom block plugins for WordPress. This time we’ll take it a step further and explore the best custom gallery blocks, because image galleries are an integral part of most WordPress websites. Carefully selected images make your content more visually appealing to your readers, help you better showcase your work and products and of course they make everyone jealous of your last Sunday’s brunch. We won’t go as far as saying that images are essential for most sites, but they surely are beneficial if used properly. This is why there are thousands of gallery plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, most users need them. With the ever improving block editor and the increase in its popularity the available gallery block plugins are multiplying every day. Existing gallery plugins are making sure their products offer blocks for the new editor, and all the new block editor specific plugins strive to include some kind of gallery functionality.

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Create interactive content with Content Toggle Plus!

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Create interactive content with Content Toggle Plus! WordPress template

A brand new element was added to Elements Plus! our popular plugin for the Elementor page builder. Content Toggle Plus! gives you the ability to create interactive content for your readers. Allow them to switch between two different types of content or between existing Elementor templates. Create interactive pricing tables, display current and upcoming features of your product and more!

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The best WordPress podcasting plugins

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The best WordPress podcasting plugins WordPress template

In this post we’re going to take a look at some of the best WordPress podcasting plugins available out there, but first let’s start from the basics, what is a podcast. A podcast is sort of a radio show for the digital age. Podcasts resemble traditional talk shows but are built on the premise of anytime, anywhere consumption. You do not need to be near a radio at a certain time to listen to a podcast episode, just download it, or even stream it to your preferred podcast-capable device, such as your phone, tablet, smartwatch etc, put on your earphones and hit play. This flexibility has made them extremely and allowed for rapid growth. There are currently more than 700.000 podcasts with more than 29 million episodes. Podcasts cover almost every niche out there, including comedy, fiction, politics, economics, philosophy, technology and almost everything else, of course WordPress podcasts are also available and are quite popular. The popularity of podcasts makes them a valuable content marketing tool since their consumers tend to be more loyal to the shows and are usually more affluent.

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