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Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store

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Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store WordPress template

We have just released our latest plugin CSSIgniter Quick View which allows you to easily add a quick view button to your WooCommerce store products. Users can preview the products directly from the product catalog and even add them to their cart if they want to. The plugin has a free version available to everyone from the WordPress plugin repository here and a premium version which offers many more features which can be found on our site. Let’s find out more about the plugin.

CSSIgniter Quick View

Once the plugin is installed and activated it will add a Quick View button to your shop products. When clicked the button will display a pop-up window which provides the most important product related information, such as the thumbnail and product gallery, title, price, the quick description, categories, stock etc. The product can be added directly to the cart from the quick view window. The quick view is compatible with all types of products, not just simple ones. Variable, grouped and external products can be accessed and purchased via quick view.

The quick view button can be placed to one of six available positions via the plugin’s settings. The positions are before the product thumbnail, before the title, before the price, before the product rating, before the add to cart button and finally after the add to cart button. Additionally the button can be hidden from mobile devices, related products, upsells etc. The modal’s appearance can be also customized by setting its maximum width and the various content colors such as background, text & link colors, button colors and more.

Premium version features

The premium version of the plugin brings some very useful extra features. You can choose to show the quick view button on certain categories only, or the other way around, remove it from some product categories. You can also modify the appearance of the quick view button itself, both for its normal and hover states. The customization does not stop here though.

You can independently modify the widths for the product image area and the content area in the pop-up window. Additionally you can toggle any product information you deem extraneous to simplify the preview’s appearance.

Learn more about the plugin and check out its demo in the links below.

2 responses to “Easily add product quick view to your WooCommerce store”

  1. Effie Kyriazopoulou says:

    An option to have the Quick View button on product image would be nice.

    • Nik says:

      Hello Effie.
      This can’t be done globally due to the varied styling applied to products between themes. However this is the purpose of the “Before Thumbnail” location. The button will appear above the image and with some styling it can be moved on it. If you are looking to do this on an existing site you can post on the plugin’s support forum here along with a link to your site so we can see how it looks and let you know if it can be easily moved. If you are using one of our themes you can submit your question through our support hub.

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