The new and improved GutenBee is here

Our free WordPress block editor plugin GutenBee has just been updated to version 2.2.0. This version brings a new Video block, responsive for the plugin’s blocks and some minor additions and fixes. Let’s take a look at the main features of this release.

GutenBee Video

Use the new video block to embed videos on any page created with the block editor. Upload a new video or use existing ones from the WordPress media library. Toggle playback controls, autoplay, loop, audio add a poster image and more.

Block appearance section & responsive controls

We have built in the block appearance section to key blocks to give you better control over block spacing. Combined with the responsive controls which allow you to set different paddings and margins depending on screen size, these options will help you achieve more precise layouts.

And more!

The above new features along with many fixes and improvements on existing blocks, such as better color control for the accordion and tabs blocks,  background images for the divider block and more are available for download today. Check out the GutenBee demo and grab your copy in the links below.

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