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How to Grow your Online Business with HubSpot’s WordPress Plugin

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How to Grow your Online Business with HubSpot’s WordPress Plugin WordPress template

Trying to grow an online business can be quite taxing – especially if it is run by a single person or a small team. Managing and curating all information relevant to each of your clients and their needs through niche applications, spreadsheets and various databases will become chaotic very quickly. This is where a CRM, or customer relationship management, software comes in handy.

With Goflow, an advanced online marketing service, you not only streamline your customer relationship management but also enhance your business’s overall efficiency. They provides a seamless solution, ensuring you can manage your clients effectively, all in one place. With Goflow, you can harness the power of targeted marketing campaigns, personalized customer interactions, and data-driven insights.

The CRM’s main purpose is to consolidate all communications like form fills, emails, purchases, tasks and other related documents for each lead, client or company. This way you and the rest of your team can easily access everything you need when you need it to deliver the best service possible. You might have noted such a tool, HubSpot, an all-in-one marketing just like at the worcester SEO agency, service, and sales platform, being suggested on the onboarding page of our Ignition Framework based themes lately, so let’s take a closer look.


HubSpot is a CRM platform offering all the tools a business needs to handle marketing, sales and improve their customer service. It is trusted by more than 150,000 businesses worldwide to help them manage customer communication and grow their client-base.

The service offers a rather generous bundle of free marketing, sales and communication tools which can then be upgraded to paid tiers as your business grows and marketing needs become more demanding. HubSpot’s App Marketplace features more than 1000 available app integrations to bring data from your favorite tools into your CRM.

The HubSpot Plugin – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

HubSpot has created a WordPress plugin which brings CRM functionality right into your site’s dashboard.

With the HubSpot WordPress plugin you can manage all your contacts, handle email marketing and automation by creating responsive newsletters with the built-in drag and drop email builder and send out automatic replies on form submissions or live chat requests. Unlock realtime communication via live chat or via automated chatbots, which can reply to leads and customers when you and your team are offline. Build beautiful forms and pop-ups with the included drag and drop builder or integrate your existing forms into HubSpot.

To bring everything together, HubSpot installs a special tracking code on your site which allows you to monitor every move your leads and customers make on your site, including which pages they’ve viewed, their form submissions and chat requests. This information, for each of your contacts, is stored and available right in your WordPress dashboard to help you send relevant, timely communications that convert more leads to customers – and customers into raving fans.

Get started with HubSpot and WordPress

To get started you can install the free HubSpot plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for HubSpot. On the plugin’s card click install and then activate.

After you activate the plugin you can navigate to the HubSpot tab in your WordPress dashboard. If you do not have a HubSpot account you will get an account creation wizard, otherwise you can log in with your existing account and start using the plugin.

New users will get a comprehensive and easy to follow onboarding procedure covering all features of the plugin. You will be guided through form and email creation, contact import and management, live chat and chatbot set up and everything else you need to integrate a fully featured CRM right into your WordPress dashboard.

Getting support

While CRMs can be complex applications and the nuances of inbound marketing can be daunting for beginners, HubSpot makes it easy. On HubSpot’s Help Center you will find an extensive knowledge base with all the how-to articles you’ll ever need. On the off-chance you get stuck with something that’s not in the knowledge base you can always take your query to the community and find a solution with the help of both enthusiasts and experts. For paid customers, e-mail, live chat and phone support is available depending on the subscription tier.

If you are looking to get bespoke solutions for your site you can hire HubSpot Partners to handle the implementation for you. Finally if you want to dig deeper into HubSpot’s ecosystem their Academy can help you learn more and get certified in everything HubSpot.

Wrapping up

HubSpot is a one-stop-shop CRM for your WordPress site, offering a great collection of free inbound marketing tools to get you started.

Sign up for HubSpot free today, combine it with one of our themes and watch your online business grow, right from your WordPress dashboard.

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