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Ignition Framework 3.1.0 has been released along with sidebar theme updates

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We have just released an update for the Ignition Framework plugin which brings some minor fixes and updates along with a major update on all sidebar themes.

What’s new

This update of the Ignition Framework plugin adds touch ups for supported plugins like WP Zoom Instagram Widget, PW WooCommerce Gift Cards, and WooCommerce Product Filters. Additionally we’ve updated various block editor styles for improved compatibility with the latest block editor version, enhanced the accessibility of elements like the back to top button, and performed minor fixes and updates to core styles. Finally we have updated the Ignition Framework to be compatible with WooCommerce 7.9.0 and 8.0.x.

Sidebar themes

The major change of this update affects the following themes: Coastline, Palermo, Corner, Eclecticon, and Lense. On these themes we’ve updated how the sticky sidebar (header) is handled and initialized. Previously, the themes used jQuery plugins and custom code to implement sticky scrolling. Now everything is handled using just CSS, which significantly improves scroll behavior, performance, and removes the need for loading additional JavaScript files.

You can grab the new version from our downloads section or setup automatic updates and update via your WordPress dashboard. As always, we highly advise as a best practice to fully backup your site and database before proceeding with the update.

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