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How to set up Automatic theme and plugin updates

BEFORE PROCEEDING – We recommend backing up your theme, files and database before starting to update. If you have made changes in the theme’s files and you don’t have a child theme, your changes will be lost! Have a look here for more information on creating a child theme.

Getting Started with the CSSIgniter Updater

This plugin will only work on active subscriptions and free themes. If your subscription has expired you will get a notification that the theme has available updates but you won’t be able to actually install them.

Step 1. Download the Updater Plugin

First we will need to download the CSSIgniter Updater plugin. You can find and download the plugin from your Downloads section.


  1. Navigate to the Site Updates tab.
  2. Download the CSSIgniter Updater plugin.
  3. Set your domain name exactly as the CSSIgniter Updater plugin suggestion.

The plugin will be automatically downloaded in your computer. Keep in mind that Safari sometimes will auto extract the archive by default. Please have a look here on disabling it.

Step 2. Install the plugin

Now, head over to your installation, and

  1. Navigate to Plugins→Add New from your Dashboard and
  2. Click on the Upload Plugin.

Select the plugin archive file, upload and activate the plugin.

Step 3. Connect the Plugin with CSSIgniter

After activating the plugin navigate to Settings→CSSIgniter Updater. You will notice the screen bellow.

You will need to add

  1. Your CSSIgniter username (not your email).
  2. The Key that you have generated for your site’s  URL in Step 2. ( in our example).

Step 4. Generate a Key from your URL

In order to actually make the Updater plugin work you will need to generate a key for each site you have a CSSIgniter theme.

Add your URL generated by the updater plugin. To make sure you are using a correct domain, copy and paste it directly from the CSSIgniter Updater plugin.

Repeat for all the sites you have CSSIgniter Themes installed.

Step 5. Update the theme

After adding the correct username and plugin from the previous step, you can navigate to Appearance→Themes, and click on the  Update Now button and wait until the theme is updated.

That’s it!  Feel free to contact us directly on our support forums if you experience any issues.