Slider does not appear

The most common cause of this problem is that the homepage has not been set. To do that you need to create a page with a homepage/frontpage template applied to it (most likely you have already done this step) and then go to Settings > Reading  and set this page to be your Front page as displayed […]

Errors when importing sample content

We provide sample content and widgets along with our themes to help you get started on your site. In each theme’s documentation we have information on how to import sample content and widgets using purpose built plugins. These operations are not without problems, below try to troubleshoot the most common occurrences. Errors when importing sample […]

Checking for plugin conflicts

At the time of writing there are 38,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, more than 3,500 on Themeforest and quite a few scouring the internet unchecked. Themes for WordPress are just too many to even mention. It stands to reason that not all combinations will work, in this article we’ll see how we can check […]

Custom post types return 404 errors

Sometimes installing or updating a theme or plugin might cause WordPress to give you 404 errors when trying to access custom post types, usually the solution is to refresh your permalink structure, to do that go to Settings > Permalinks, you don’t have to do anything here, now go back and check the problematic posts again.

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