Where can I find the sample content zip

Our themes come with sample content to help you add some content quickly in order to give the theme a form or replicate the demo’s layout. To download the file go to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings > Site Options and scroll down to find the Sample Content box. click the link and you will get the sample content zip. […]

Change footer text

Many of our themes feature a credits/copyright area in the footer, usually below the footer’s widget area. To modify the default copy text you need to navigate to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings > Site Options, scroll down to find the Footer Text box and modify its contents. Once done, click the Save Changes button and you are good to […]

Update / Upgrade your theme

Updating a theme is exactly the same as installing it anew. Have a look a our “installing a theme” article. Once the new version is installed, you can navigate to Appearance > Themes and delete the old one. After activating your new theme go to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations and set your menu to be the theme’s […]

Upload your logo

Upload Your Logo in CSSIgniter Settings By default WordPress will display your site’s title as a logo, let’s see how you can replace it with your awesome image logo. Go to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings > Site Options and in the Logo box, click Upload Image the media manager window will pop-up, click Upload Files and then Select Files upload your logo image, make […]

Installing a theme

To install a theme, first go to our downloads section and get the latest version of the theme. next go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes and click Add New in the next screen click Upload Theme next you click the Choose file button, select the zip you got earlier and click Install Now WordPress will extract and […]

Newsletter setup

Mailchimp integration Many of our themes offer newsletter integration with Mailchimp. To use it you will need an account on Mailchimp and to create your own sign up form. Instructions for that can be found here. Depending on the theme you are using, the form should contain either only an email field or an email […]

Add Google Analytics to your site

Google Analytics are a very good and popular tool which allows you to collect basic visitor data from your site. If you are not familiar with it you can read the getting started page. We are interested in web tracking and we’ll be adding the code directly to the site. Get the tracking code by following the […]

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