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How to install an Ignition Framework based theme

In this article we will go through the process of downloading and installing an Ignition Framework based theme.

Download the theme

To get the theme file first navigate to our downloads page. You will be presented with the WordPress Themes list. Locate the theme you want to download from the list and click the Download Theme button to get the zip file.

Upload, install and activate the theme

Now that you’ve got the theme’s file you need to upload it to your WordPress installation. To do that navigate to Appearance > Themes and press the Add New button towards the top of the page. Next press the Upload Theme button. Press the Choose File button, navigate to the folder where the theme file is stored, open it and click the Install Now button. Once the installation is done click the Activate link to activate the now installed theme.

Once the theme is activated you will be redirected to its Onboarding page.

If you haven’t installed the Ignition Framework plugin yet, check out this article.

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