Change the date format on booking forms

By default the booking form on all of our themes uses the “YYYY/MM/DD” notation. In this article we will see how this can be modified. You will need to start by navigating to the /js  folder of the theme. In there you will find the scripts.js file (on a couple of themes this might be named ci_scripts.js of jquery.scripts.js) […]

Modify tag cloud widget font size

WordPress’s tag cloud widget has three different font sizes, the default, the smallest and the largest. These are applied to tag cloud links based on the number of items attached to each tag. If you want to modify these sizes you need to add this bit of code at the bottom of the theme’s functions.php […]

How can I change my URL structure

Our themes come with Custom Post Types, for example, Portfolios, Galleries, etc. Each custom post type has a “slug”, or to put it simply: a friendly name for URLs and people to read. As a default rule we name each slug under the English version of the Custom Post Type. So for example, your URL […]

How do I add a new sidebar (widgetized area)

Creating new sidebars You can create sidebars in two different ways. The first is by inserting custom code directly in your functions.php file. The second is by using a Plugin to create the sidebars for you. Via code Step 1: Create a child theme To prevent losing any changes (including the sidebar) when updating your […]

Creating a child theme

People love to customize their themes, we daily get dozens of requests for help with all sorts of creative changes our users want to apply on their freshly bought themes. However, when the time comes to update the modify theme to a newer version, things get tricky due to the risk of either loosing your […]

Disable comments

The commenting system is not always needed, so let’s see how we can go about disabling it. Disable comments only on pages Our themes provide you with an option to disable comments on pages, to do that navigate to CSSIgniter Settings > Display Options and locate the Comments metabox check the Disable comments for pages and the comment form on […]

Use shortcodes in the text widget

On WordPress, by default, shortcodes don’t work in text widgets. If at some point you need to use a shortcode in the text widget you can enable this functionality by editing the theme’s functions.php file and paste this   add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);   at the bottom of the file, if the functions.php ends in a PHP […]

Remove allowed tags

The allowed HTML tags a user can utilize in a comment are listing just below the new reply textarea many users do not want them there, so let’s find out how to remove them. You will need to edit your theme’s functions.php file and paste this add_filter( ‘comment_form_defaults’, ‘remove_comment_form_allowed_tags’ ); function remove_comment_form_allowed_tags( $defaults ) { […]

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