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Changelog for GutenBee


  • A => A file has been (A)dded
  • M => A file has been (M)odified
  • D => A file has been (D)eleted

2.17.3 - October 5, 2023

Compatibility: WordPress 6.3+

List of changes between gutenbee v2.17.2 and v2.17.3

* ADDED: Enqueueing of Google Maps API key is now filterable via 'gutenbee_enqueue_google_maps_api'.
  M gutenbee.php

* CHANGED: Plugin version to 2.17.3
* UPDATED: readme.txt
  M gutenbee.php
  M readme.txt

2.17.2 - August 7, 2023

Compatibility: WordPress 6.2.1+

List of changes between gutenbee v2.17.1 and v2.17.2

* FIXED: Since the iframe-ing of the block editor in WP 6.3, block editor assets would not get enqueued under specific circumstances.
* CHANGED: Block editor assets are now enqueued via the 'enqueue_block_assets' action instead of 'enqueue_block_editor_assets'.
  M gutenbee.php

* CHANGED: Version to 2.17.2
* UPDATED: Language file.
  M gutenbee.php
  M languages/gutenbee.pot
  M readme.txt

2.13.0 - January 26, 2022

Compatibility: WordPress 5.8.2+

= 2.13.0 =
* Divider block: Fix an issue where the divider block would not clear itself in the editor when around floated elements.
* Post Types block: Improve the experience of searching terms and included/excluded posts.
* Food Menu block: Fixed for WP 5.9
* Container block: Added tooltip descriptions on the more complex settings of the Container block.
* Countup Block: Added option to start the countup when the countup is in the viewport.
* Accordion Block: Added plus/minus icons on expand/collapse.
* Banner Block: Added default minimum height of 450px
* Image Box block: Fixed alignment setting.
* Post Types Block: Fixed load more button.
* Adjust text control for WP 5.9
* Fixed color picker for WP 5.9
* Fixed various smaller issues in support of WP 5.9
* Various smaller bugfixes and improvements

2.12.5 - November 3, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.8+

= 2.12.5 =
* Post Types Block: Added “gutenbee.posts-loaded” event when posts are finished loading via load more button.

2.12.4 - October 22, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.8+

= 2.12.4 =
* Post Types Block: Fix an issue where the post type would not render properly after changing it from the dropdown.
* Post Types Block: Added load more button functionality as a type of pagination.
* Fixed a layout issue with food items in the editor.

2.12.3 - September 17, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.8+

= 2.12.3 =
* Fixed an issue where the Post Types block would be limited to 10 post types.

2.12.2 - August 23, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.7.2+

= 2.12.2 =
* Fixed appearance of heading select controls (icons) in the block sidebar.
* Divider and Spacer blocks: Allow for heights less than 10px.

2.12.1 - July 27, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.7.2+

= 2.12.1 =
* Update link controls on all blocks that support them and moved them on the block toolbar.
* Added a way to link padding and margin values together so that they can be changed at the same time with the same value.
* Fix issue with the font size picker on all blocks where the unit selection would not work.
* Fix Food Menu block appearance in the editor.
* Fix heading selection overflowing in the editor.
* Minor style adjustments for WordPress 5.8
* A deprecation warning would be thrown after WP 5.8 (action 'block_categories' renamed to 'block_categories_all').
* The wp-editor script should not be enqueued together with the new block widgets editor in WP 5.8.

2.12.0 - July 15, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.7.1+

= 2.12.0 =
* Added support for showing all/upcoming/past/recurring events from the Ignition Framework.
* Post Types Block: Added custom label for read more buttons.
* Make it easier to search for GutenBee blocks in the inserter (video, video embed, etc).
* Accordion Block: Added hover + active colors for the titles.
* Banner Block: Fix the ability to revert to "auto" height.
* Image Block: Migrate to editor API v2 - Improve editor appearance and UX.
* Image Comparison Block: Start images hidden until the comparison script is ready.
* List Icon Block: Improve horizontal appearance of icons and labels.
* Maps Block: Added the ability for HTML markup in marker info windows.
* Paragraph & Heading Blocks: Fixed an issue where custom classes would not be applied.
* Post Types Block: Improved appearance of one column layout.
* Tabs Block: New hover colors.

2.11.1 - June 11, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.7.1+

List of changes between gutenbee v2.11.0 and v2.11.1
* UPDATED: Position video background spinner on the bottom center of the Container and Banner block
* FIXED: Fix an issue where background overlay would sometimes disappear when a video background started playing in Safari
* FIXED: Fix an issue where self hosted video backgrounds would not start in Firefox
* UPDATED: Move video background controls below the background image control (editor)
* UPDATED: Updated Slideshow block arrow navigation to use inline SVGs
* UPDATED: Updated all “Circle Mask” block styles on Image and Testimonial blocks to “Rounded”
  M build/
  M build/
  M build/gutenbee.scripts.css
  M build/gutenbee.scripts.js
  M src/blocks/banner/edit.js
  M src/blocks/banner/script.js
  M src/blocks/container/_style.scss
  M src/blocks/container/inspector-controls.js
  M src/blocks/container/script.js
  M src/blocks/image/_editor.scss
  A src/blocks/image/_style.scss
  M src/blocks/image/index.js
  M src/blocks/slideshow/_style.scss
  M src/blocks/slideshow/script.js
  M src/blocks/testimonial/_editor.scss
  M src/blocks/testimonial/_style.scss
  M src/blocks/testimonial/index.js
  M src/components/slideshow/Slideshow.js
  M src/components/slideshow/_style.scss
  D src/fonts
  M src/styles/inc/_common.scss
  D src/styles/inc/_gutenbee-icons.scss
  M src/styles/style.scss
  M src/util/video/components/VideoBackgroundFrontend/_style.scss

* Changed version to 2.11.1
  M gutenbee.php
  M package.json
  M readme.txt

2.10.6 - April 29, 2021

Compatibility: WordPress 5.7+

List of changes between gutenbee v2.10.5 and v2.10.6

* UPDATED: Post Types Block - Prevent block style previews from loading complete preview of the block
  M build/
  M build/
  M src/blocks/post-types/_editor.scss
  M src/blocks/post-types/edit.js
  A src/util/isRenderedInEditor.js

* Changed version to 2.10.6
  M gutenbee.php
  M package.json
  M readme.txt

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