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WooCommerce 8.0.x related updates

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WooCommerce 8.0.x has been released. Below you can find some of the key features of this release.

CSSIgniter themes

All Ignition Framework themes  play nicely with WooCommerce 8.0.x. and did not require any updates. Make sure to update Ignition Framework to the latest v3.1.0 though.

Τhe deprecated themes Herringbone, Flevr and UltraSeven, have received updates to ensure compatibility with WooCommerce 8.0.x. and themes

Rhodes and Miniature also received an update to the WooCommerce templates where necessary for 8.0.x. themes

Our free themes Nozama Lite and Blockchain Lite have also been updated to maintain compatibility with WooCommerce 8.0.x.

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