Create interactive content with Content Toggle Plus!

A brand new element was added to Elements Plus! our popular plugin for the Elementor page builder. Content Toggle Plus! gives you the ability to create interactive content for your readers. Allow them to switch between two different types of content or between existing Elementor templates. Create interactive pricing tables, display current and upcoming features of your product and more!

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The best WordPress podcasting plugins

In this post we’re going to take a look at some of the best WordPress podcasting plugins available out there, but first let’s start from the basics, what is a podcast. A podcast is sort of a radio show for the digital age. Podcasts resemble traditional talk shows but are built on the premise of anytime, anywhere consumption. You do not need to be near a radio at a certain time to listen to a podcast episode, just download it, or even stream it to your preferred podcast-capable device, such as your phone, tablet, smartwatch etc, put on your earphones and hit play. This flexibility has made them extremely and allowed for rapid growth. There are currently more than 700.000 podcasts with more than 29 million episodes. Podcasts cover almost every niche out there, including comedy, fiction, politics, economics, philosophy, technology and almost everything else, of course WordPress podcasts are also available and are quite popular. The popularity of podcasts makes them a valuable content marketing tool since their consumers tend to be more loyal to the shows and are usually more affluent.

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WordPress image optimization with Smush

We all know how important fast sites are nowadays. Small page sizes are essential to minimize loading times, making sure that both users and search engines like your site. A slow site means that visitors will probably abandon it in favor of a competing one before it even loads, and search engines will lower its rank in order to provide a better experience for their audience. This is especially true for mobile users which are getting more every day. Modern landline connections might be fast and consistent enough to minimize the impact of a slow site, but this is not always true for mobile networks. While modern wireless networks are very fast, low coverage areas with spotty connections will always exist. A fast site even under these conditions might be the key to your success.

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Thinking Of Buying A Premium WordPress Theme?

The web is awash with WordPress themes, free and of course premium themes. Perhaps you’re using a free WordPress theme at the moment and want to take the plunge and go for a premium one.

In this post, I will share some top tips and things to look out for when purchasing a premium WordPress theme. Hopefully saving you time and money in the long run, let’s get to it!

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All our eCommerce themes now support WooCommerce 3.8

A few days ago WooCommerce 3.8 was released. The new version brings new product blocks, PHP 7.4 support, a new widget template file and many minor improvements. It is most likely the last minor update for this year and thus it is backwards compatible, you should be able to just update it and continue on with your life. Below we’ll take a brief look at the new features.

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WordPress Plugins: How many is too many? + Tips on finding a plugin.

A question that has come up time and time again, how many plugins are too many WordPress plugins?┬áThere’s pretty much a WordPress plugin to add whatever functionality you require, be it a premium plugin or a free one.

That’s the beauty of WordPress. Talented developers answering user needs and coming up with something exceptional.

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