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More custom Elementor widgets now available

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We have just released the latest version of our handcrafted Ignition Elementor Widgets plugin. This new version brings new custom elements to Ignition Framework users who prefer the popular page builders for their projects. Three WooCommerce specific custom elements have been added bringing the total number of custom elements to 24.

The new custom elements

Product tabs

With the product tabs element you can create tabbed layouts to showcase products from various categories in a grid or slider format. The number of columns, displayed products, card content and colors are all customizeable.

Product categories

Easily create grids or sliders of your product categories to help customers navigate your store faster. You can list all categories or create a handpicked selection with a custom image if needed.

Featured product category

Display products from a particular category with a customizable card to grab the visitor’s attention. The card offers customizable background image, title, content and button. The products can be presented in a grid or slider layout.

The three new elements are supported in the latest version of Nozama, our popular eCommerce theme and will be gradually supported by more eCommerce themes.

Feature updates

Along with the new elements we have improved the icon size control on the Icon Box element, we have added the ability to remove all header items from the Table element in order to create a table with no head and we have added a responsive size control to the Google Maps element.

Grab your copy of the Ignition Elementor Widgets plugin and start using the bulk of our custom elements to elevate your site building experience.

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