AudioIgniter – A React.js powered audio player for your WordPress site

Throughout CSSIgniter’s course we’ve always had a certain sweet spot for the music industry and everything related to the promotion of that market (as is evident from our very popular music themes both at Themeforest and on our own marketplace), albeit up until now mostly limited to theme development .

The idea of expanding into plugin territory has been floating around for a while, and during the past few weeks we’ve been working on creating a solid audio playing and playlist management experience for WordPress powered websites.

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Our favorite Instagram WordPress plugins

Our Favorite Instagram Plugins

With the advent of smartphones people tend to take a lot of pictures and, naturally, they want to share them with their friends, family and the world. Instagram is a great tool at our disposal when it comes to sharing photographs. It’s very popular, easy to use and with its filters makes sharing photos fun. However it’s not enough to have people view our photos within the Instagram app, we need to display them on our site as well. Here’s where plugins come into play, below we take a look at the most popular Instagram plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

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How to show only last child categories using the_category()

Have you ever wanted to change the_category()‘s behaviour so that it’ll only show the leaves (last child categories) of the selected WordPress categories?

For example, you might have a category hierarchy of Food > Cat > Prescription Cat Food, and it doesn’t really make sense to show all three categories. Due to organizational reasons however, you need to have all three of them selected. How do you force your theme then, to only display the Prescription Cat Food category?

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Beginner’s guide: Child themes


Thousands of support tickets have taught us one thing; people love customizing their themes. Everyday, many of them, dive in the code to get a unique layout or functionality, tailored to their needs and desires.

Another interesting fact is that very few users utilize child themes. Why is that? Well, most of them don’t know what they are, how they work and what they have to offer. Some, happily very few, just can’t be bothered.

While scouring the web looking for an answer to various WordPress related questions, you are bound to find references to child themes and strong suggestions towards using them, let’s find out what they are below.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up CloudFlare on WordPress

Let me ask you a question: do you want to speed up your WordPress site while also protecting it from malicious attacks?

If you answered yes (let’s be honest: of course you did!), then you should definitely consider integrating CloudFlare with your website.

CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) that acts as a proxy between your website and your visitors.

Whenever a user visits your site, CloudFlare will first check for any indicators of malicious intent. Once CloudFlare verifies the visit isn’t motivated by nefarious purposes, it serves up data from the data center that’s geographically closest to your visitor

Result: beefier security, and much faster website load speeds.

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How to Optimize Images in WordPress the Quick and Easy Way

This is part 3 of our 3-part series on speeding up your WordPress site trough the means of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and image optimization. Just as previously, this is all about the quick wins for your WordPress blog … no coding involved, no hassle.

  1. Introduction to CDN and Image Optimization + Why You Should Care
  2. Top 3 CDN Services for Your WordPress Blog + How to Set One Up
  3. How to Optimize Images in WordPress the Quick and Easy Way

The guide you’re reading right now is all about image optimization in WordPress – aka. the easiest way of saving even up to 50% of your site’s whole bandwidth consumption.

In other words, optimizing your images is THE no.1 way of reducing your site’s loading times, and thus making the experience smoother for your visitors, as well as Google (it’s always good to stay on Google’s good side).

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