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20 Best Free Handwriting Fonts

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20 Best Free Handwriting Fonts WordPress template

Do you like handwriting fonts? So do we. They are perfect for blogging themes, since they will give this laid-back style to your website. But that’s not all they are great for, no matter what type of site you are building, they can be used to lighten the mood on particular section such as graphics, banners etc. We have handpicked 20 free hand-writing fords perfect for WordPress websites, have a look!

Amatic SC

Amatic SC (Small Caps) is a simple but effective hand drawn webfont. It can be used for titling and small runs of text.

Indie Flower

Beautiful handwriting font, with excellent readability. Nice “bubbly” rounded edges and a carefree feel.


An informal style handwriting font optimized for web usage. Looks casual, like an everyday handwriting made with a thin felt-tip pen or a ballpoint pen.


Kristi is a calligraphy font inspired by old chancery typefaces. It is made with a basic felt-pen by using bold and quick moves while writing. It can be used large size, for example as in logotype or headlines.

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker represents the look and feel of a favorite writing instrument.


Daniel is one of the many fonts created by the Australian designer Daniel Midgley. Including a full set of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and various special characters, Daniel font is in OTF format, which means it’s compatible with Mac and Windows.

Marck Script

Marck Script is based on freehand lettering with felt-tip pen. It can be used for logotypes, headlines and for short pieces of text, wherever you want to create an informal, confident relationship. It is readable, comfortable and welcoming.


This typeface is suitable for graphic designs such as cards, cover pages, banners, posters, logos and many more. It is perfect for adding a romantic touch to your project.


Handlee is a loosely font based on the designer’s own handwriting. Its inconsistent curves give it a nice, human-like quality that is reflected in the characters. Handlee is a great font for any web page looking to add some personality. It has great legibility even at smaller sizes.

Rock Salt

Rock Salt was hand-crafted with felt-tip markers for a personal look you can pepper throughout your next project.


Lilly font has a clean line structure. It is perfect for titles, wedding design, quotes design and more.

Shadows Into Light

This clean, neat handwriting font has a feminine feel with nice rounded edges and curves. It is perfect for adding a personalized touch to your project.

Patrick Hand

Patrick Hand is a font based on the designer’s own handwriting. It is developed to bring an impressive and useful handwriting effect to your texts.

Patrick Hand SC

The small caps version of Patrick Hand. Includes some fancy details like heavy quotation marks and floral heart and has opentype features.

Note This

Free for any use, it’s one of the nicest free handwriting fonts we’ve seen in a long time.

Gloria Hallelujah

This font is based on the handwriting of a Korean high school student. It is fun and reminds of a comic style writing. It looks great in all caps and is easy to read.

Playtime With Hot Toddies

Available over on FontSquirrel, Playtime With Hot Toddies Wild will add a touch of personality to your designs.

Delius Swash Caps

Delius Swash Caps is part of a high quality comic book lettering typeface super-family. It has special uppercase letters for special uses, such as in titles and logos. A round marker was used to define Delius’s stroke: the line gets thicker at both ends to define the beginning and end of the stroke, as a marker line would do, and the ductus imitates the movements of handwriting.


Snickles is a typeface with personality. You can use it perfect for logos, greeting cards, flyers and much more. If you’re into Handwriting fonts, you should definitely check it out.

Sue Ellen Francisco

This is a tall, skinny font with nice round curves and clean lines. Pure and simple and easy to read.

15 responses to “20 Best Free Handwriting Fonts”

  1. yasir khan says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great collection. lovely

  2. Katya Bulgakova says:

    thank you they’re all Wonderful

  3. J Carter says:

    Really great collection of fonts – thanks so much for putting this together!

  4. Susmita says:

    That’s an impressive collection of fonts. There’s another font called Playlist font. One should try it out. It’s available on

  5. Shafiul says:

    Very nice fonts. Liked all. Used Indie Flower.

  6. AJ says:

    Love this selection. I used both Amatic & Sue Ellen Francisco for a design project! Thanks!

  7. Vishal Vijaykumar Parkar says:

    That’s an impressive collection of fonts ! Thank you !

  8. Wan Jaapar says:

    I love dyserel font. thank you for sharing it.

  9. Juliette Vanessa says:

    My favorite font was Delius Swash Caps. I think I said that right LOL. But, thats the best font that actually looks like someones handwriting, specifically kind of like mine. Indie Flower I also like but it’s too small, lmao. Whoever posted this site, I am happy you did so because I don’t even know whatever site I would’ve chosen, and they probably wouldn’t have even given me the best handwriting font, so thank you guys. I am very happy :)


    So nice!!!

  11. Matt says:

    Great Selection, thanks for sharing, I love Shadows into light, feels organic.

  12. Michaela Blue says:

    I’ve used Indie Flower, Delius Swash Caps, and Amatic SC for projects and loved all, especially Delius Swash Caps.

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