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New tweaks and features for the AudioIgniter plugin

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New tweaks and features for the AudioIgniter plugin WordPress template

It’s been a bit more than two and a half years ago where we set on a mission to build a great solution for everyone who’s looking to easily manage large collections of music tracks and showcase them in a beautiful player directly on their WordPress website. AudioIgniter, our free audio plugin for WordPress, is the culmination of our effort in doing just that and after all this time we’re really happy that the final product has been well received and is being used on thousands of WordPress installations.

We’ve been gathering a lot of feedback from AudioIgniter’s users and after some time triaging and prioritizing everything we’re starting to roll out all the exciting new stuff that you’ve asked about.

Both the free AudioIgniter plugin and its PRO upgrade have been updated today and here are some of the things we’re pushing on today’s release.

Option to disable the track list toggle (Free & PRO)

Up until today AudioIgniter provided the option to start with the track list opened or closed by default, from now on you have the option to completely suppress the track list (only visually, of course) and fix it into place to either opened or closed.

Option to hide track list repeating (Free & PRO)

Similarly with disabling the track list toggle, track list repeating can also stay fixed according to your preference, disabling the toggle button and not allowing to change the repeat mode.

Individual track repeat (PRO only)

Starting with version 1.2, alongside with track list repeating, AudioIgniter PRO supports the option to repeat individual tracks (i.e. single track looping over and over), in case someone is fixated with one particular track of yours! This option is toggle-able similarly to track list repeating and the track list toggle.

Lyrics (PRO only)

A long awaited feature, AudioIgniter PRO will also offer the ability for you to input your tracks’ lyrics and show them in a nice modal directly on your website.

General under the hood improvements (Free & PRO)

Some core components of the sound player’s internal parts have been reworked and upgraded, so expect a small boost in performance, responsiveness and initial loading.

Concluding, we’d like to thank our users for the love they’ve shown for this plugin over the past couple of years, and close with a shout out to stay tuned as we’re improving AudioIgniter with more features to come really soon!

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