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Brand new features for the AudioIgniter plugin

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Brand new features for the AudioIgniter plugin WordPress template

As promised back in March, we’ve been continued improving AudioIgniter, our free audio plugin for WordPress, adding new features and upgrades based on the feedback of its many happy users. Today we’re excited to announce a few minor tweaks for the free version (in anticipation for more free features) and two long-awaited features for the AudioIgniter PRO version, namely: Playback rate control and Track skipping.

Visual Tweaks

The volume controls have had a bit of a makeover for large screen sizes, merging the two into one button split in half. Also all control buttons have become a bit larger (by about 15%) especially in mobile screen sizes, to improve the player’s accessibility. Also, both the volume controls and the volume bar have been hidden in mobiles, as for those environments the device’s controls take over. These small changes improve how AudioIgniter behaves in smaller viewports and allow for greater flexibility in the future as we expand the player’s capabilities.

Playback rate control

The PRO upgrade of AudioIgniter now supports playback rate. Users can choose to play any track at various speeds (x0.5, x0.75, x1, x1.25, x1.5 and x2), perfect for podcast or audio book type of tracks.

Variable track skipping

Starting with the new PRO version of AudioIgniter the player’s settings will also unlock a new track skipping feature, allowing users to skip the currently playing track by a pre-set amount of seconds (up to the administrator to choose).

We’d like to thank our users for the love they’ve shown for this plugin over the past couple of years. Stay tuned as we’re brining more features on both AudioIgniter Free & Pro really soon!

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