Roxima now supports WooCommerce!

Our beautiful one-page business theme Roxima has been updated with WooCommerce support.

Grab the latest version of Roxima from our downloads section, or update it through the dashboard if you are already using it, and create a beautiful eCommerce site.

WooCommerce integration was handled mainly via styling, with minimal modifications to templates and other WooCommerce workings to ensure lasting compatibility with future WooCommerce versions and easier, smoother updates.

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New features added to Olsen & Olsen Light

We have just released an updated for our most popular blogging themes. Both Olsen and the free Olsen Light got new features. A top bar with its bespoke menu has been added to both themes, additionally the themes now have the ability to share posts on LinkedIn, finally Olsen Light got a search box in the main menu bar. Read below for more info on these new features.

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Announcing WordPress Dashboard Updates

You’ve asked for it. We listened. We had it in our TODO list for quite some time, but today we deliver. You can now update all your premium CSSIgniter themes and plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard.

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What’s new in WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 named after Cuban Jazz musician Bebo Valdés has been released last Thursday, December 6th, after a somewhat abrupt announcement of the final release date. Just shy of being the biggest release period between two major versions, 5.0 brings with it rather few changes, but one of them packs quite a punch by overhauling the cornerstone of WordPress itself, the text editor. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in WordPress 5.0.

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Olsen and Olsen Light have been updated

We have just released updates for our very popular blogging WordPress themes, Olsen and Olsen Light. These updates bring new features to the themes you already know and love, let’s check them out.

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All WooCommerce themes are now compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.x

Almost 2 weeks ago, WooCommerce 3.4 was released. It is a minor release (and 2 more minor releases have followed since then). This release introduces several tools, tweaks, and settings to help with GDPR compliance. If you are using a WooCommerce theme of ours, you can safely upgrade as we have made all the necessary changes to our themes in order to be compatible with the latest version.

Our list of themes with full support for Elementor Pro

Just a little while ago, the team behind Elementor, one of the best page builders for WordPress out there, released version 2.0 of their amazing product. If you’ve been under a rock and you haven’t heard about Elementor, I think you should really try it out. There’s a free version available. With more than 28 widgets available you can build your pages visually without touching any code. Heck, we’ve been building Elementor landing pages for a while and we love it.

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