Announcing WooCommerce 3.7 support for our eCommerce themes

A couple of weeks ago WooCommerce 3.7 was released. This new version brings improved product blocks, better performance, increased security and some new features. It is considered a minor update and thus it is backwards compatible, you should be able to just update it and continue on with your life. Below we’ll take a brief look at the new features.

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Announcing BlockChain compatibility with WPML

If you have ever worked with multilingual WordPress sites you have undoubtedly heard of WPML, it is simply the most popular and flexible translation plugin for WordPress out there.

When building a theme we strive to make them compatible with WPML to give to our customers the best experience possible when they need to translate their site. This was not enough for us when it came to Blockchain though. Over the past months we have worked closely with the good folks at WPML to make sure Blockchain achieves official compatibility status with the popular translation plugin.

We are happy to announce that we succeeded! Blockchain is officially supported by WPML and in a few days it will be listed in the official theme compatibility list. Now you can be sure that any site built with Blockchain can be easily and efficiently translated via WPML.

The updated version of Cousteau Pro is now live

Continuing with our refreshing of older themes, it’s time for our popular travel theme Cousteau Pro to receive an update, and you are going to like this one. As usual the theme has been thoroughly checked and improved where necessary, but this time we have added quite a lot of new features, let’s dive in then.

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The updated version of Neto has just landed

Yet more updates coming your way! This time it’s Neto, our very stylish, and very popular, WooCommerce enabled theme. Changes include under the hood improvements to upgrade your user experience with the theme, but also new features which make it even more versatile. Let’s take a closer look.

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