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The sparkling new version of Carbone is out!

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The sparkling new version of Carbone is out! WordPress template

Another Ignition Framework based theme is added to our collection. After AegeanConvert, Beat and Amaryllis we’re excited to present you with the new version of our gorgeous bar/cafe/restaurant theme, Carbone. Read on to learn more about the theme.

The Ignition Framework

First a small overview of the Ignition Framework in case you haven’t had the chance to work with it yet.  Our new framework comes in the form of an independent plugin which bundles all the required templates and functionality to make your site work. This leaves the theme with just one simple job, to make everything look great. This distinction makes the framework based themes very easy to work with and customize due to the lack of clatter added by non-theme related functionality. The plugin is common for all framework based themes which means that all required compatibility, security and feature updates can be patched quickly in a single point and pushed to all themes instantaneously.

And now let’s move on to some key theme features.


All theme options are integrated in the WordPress Customizer providing you with a familiar interface to tinker with the appearance of your site. Create new color schemes by using the dozens of built in color options, pick your favorite Google Fonts to better match your site’s typography with your brand, modify the site’s layout by moving or toggling the sidebars, change the location of your logo, use fullwidth, split or sticky menus and many more to achieve the best possible outcome for your business’ new site.

Menu Showcase & Ordering System Compatibility

With the help of GutenBee’s Food Menu custom block you can quickly and efficiently create pages to showcase your establishment’s menu. From coffee & desserts to appetizers and main dishes the block makes it a breeze to create menu pages with all the info your products need and in variable column layouts. If you want to go further and allow visitors to order online feel free to go with your favorite online ordering system and rest assured that the theme won’t interfere with it at all since it only handles your site’s appearance.

WooCommerce Integration

Looking to sell any merchandise or even to create an online ordering system based on WooCommerce? Carbone is the theme for you. It offers robust WooCommerce integration and applies its great styling to all shop related pages giving you a stunning end result for your online ordering system.

Global Sections

Say goodbye to duplicated code on your site with the Global Sections. Easily create layouts and content pieces and reuse them on more than 20 key theme locations. No need to copy paste that new offer banner on all related pages. Created once and select on which posts or pages it will appear, that simple! The content on a global section can either be created with the block editor or with the page builder of your choice.


Modern sites need to be fast and responsive. To achieve this Carbone avoids loading any unnecessary assets at any point. Additionally the theme’s styles and scripts are served packed and minified to help improve loading times. Finally any assets pertaining to third party integrations are only loaded when their respective plugins are installed and activated to avoid wasting bandwidth.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile users are getting more every day. To help you cater that audience we build and test our themes on real devices, not just emulators. This helps create a beautiful and seamless browsing and shopping experience for your customers.

Built for the block editor

The content on all of Carbone’s posts and pages was crated with the block editor using a combination of core blocks and custom ones provided by our free plugin, GutenBee. We tested the blocks extensively and applied styling where necessary to closely match them to the theme’s appearance. Of course the theme will work with popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor and more.

Easy to get started

Need a solid base to get you started with building your site? Carbone’s got you covered. A very easy to use mechanism has been built in to the theme which takes care of importing the sample content for you. Navigate to the theme’s onboarding page, activate the necessary plugins and click the import button. A few moments later you’ll have a close approximation of the theme’s demo ready for you to play with.

Carbone is out today! Learn more about the theme, check its demo and grab your own copy in the links below.

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