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The new and improved Beat music WordPress theme is out

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The new and improved Beat music WordPress theme is out WordPress template

The third theme based on our new Ignition Framework, after Aegean Resort and Convert is here. Beat is the first music theme based on the new framework, making it the ideal choice for bands, solo artists, DJs, producers and anyone else in the music industry. Read more about the theme below.

The Ignition Framework

A few things about the framework first. As with the previous two themes, the framework comes in the form of a separate plugin, which is common for all framework based themes. All the necessary templates and functionality are handled by the plugin, letting the theme take care of the site’s appearance.This makes the theme extremely easy to use and customize because it significantly reduces the clutter added by non-theme related functionality, such as custom post types, third party plugin integrations and more. As mentioned before all new themes share the Ignition Framework plugin, which means that all required compatibility, security and feature updates can be pushed to all themes instantaneously.

The fresh Beat

Let’s take closer look at the theme’s most important features.


All theme customization options are integrated in the WordPress Customizer, to provide users with a familiar interface through which they can tailor the theme to their needs. In the Customizer the user has access to global color and typography options, along with specific ones for the top bar, header and footer. Additionally the appearance of the page title section can be modified, similarly can the blog and single post layout be customized by changing the available column number in listings and toggling individual post sections.

Flexible header

Beat features an optional top bar and a header section. Both come with predefined areas which can display custom content like plain text, basic HTML or even one of our purpose built shortcodes to display a language switcher, a mini cart and more, additionally all of their colors can be customized. The header can be either boxed or fullwidth, and can also be displayed as transparent. Multiple menu layouts are available along with a sticky menu option.

Per page settings

If one needs to create a few pages that stand out from the rest, Beat can help with that. Some general layouts settings can be overridden to give that unique appearance to the page. These options include the header type, the page title’s background and the appearance of the page’s title and subtitle.

Multiple custom post types

Beat comes with three custom post types specially suited for music industry related websites. The discography post type is perfect for showcasing both albums or single tracks, it features custom metaboxes for the most important related information like release date, catalog number, recording label and producers. The event post type is ideal for promoting events such as new releases, live sessions and more, included custom meta are event date, time and location. Finally the team custom post type can be used to create profiles for a label’s managed artists or a band’s members. Let everyone know about the talent behind the music. Custom meta for team members are the person’s location, music genres they are involved in and booking notice period. Listing pages for the custom post type can be easily created by using the Post Types block provided by the GutenBee plugin or any other post listing custom block.

WooCommerce integration

Beat is compatible with the most popular eCommerce plugin available for WordPress. This makes selling new tracks, albums or artist and band related merchandise a breeze.


A modern website can’t just be beautiful, it needs to be fast. This is why we built performance in the core of our new framework. The themes by default serve their assets in a minified and packaged format. Additionally any custom styles the theme carries for various integrations with popular plugins are only loaded if said plugins are installed and active to avoid loading unnecessary files and keep loading times low.

Perfect for mobile devices

Beat was tested extensively on real mobile devices to makes sure it provides the best experience possible to those on-the-go.

Built for the block editor

In Beat we used the block editor as much as possible to create the beautiful layouts you see on the theme’s demo. Replicate the demo’s front page, and all custom post type listings using a combination of core blocks and custom ones provided by our own GutenBee plugin. Of course the theme will work with popular page builders like Elementor.

Easy to get started

We want users to be able to get up and running as fast as possible and to help with that we have built in one-click demo importing functionality. Additionally the themes will soon get starter kits which will allow the user to modify the layout and appearance of the theme with just a couple of clicks to better accommodate their needs.

Learn more about Beat and grab your copy today in the links below.

2 responses to “The new and improved Beat music WordPress theme is out”

  1. Gulo says:

    How about page loading speed and total file about license condition? Can I install this theme on multiple WordPress site? I need your reply.thanks for cool theme.I’m thinking about for my next project.

    • Gerasimos Tsiamalos says:

      Hi there, the total file size really depends on your content (mostly the amount of images that you are going to use) but in general the theme has a very light footprint. You can install and use the theme in as many projects as you want, no restrictions :)

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