Exclude words while searching in WordPress

Did you know that when you’re using the search boxes on your WordPress site, you can narrow down the results by providing words that you don’t want included? That’s right! This method works both on the front end (theme-provided search bar, search widget, etc), as well as on the back end (post listing screens, etc), and is available since WordPress v4.4

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Translating content with Polylang

In a  previous post we took a look at, possibly, the most popular translation plugin for WordPress, WPML. Continuing on with our translation theme, today we’ll take a look at the most popular free plugin currently on the WordPress plugin directory, Polylang.

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Translating content with WPML

Multilingual sites allow you to reach a wider audience, especially for non native English speakers. Translating your site in English will make it accessible to a very large, worldwide audience. The benefits do not apply only to the English language though, you might want to make your site accessible to a market or country that does not have many English speakers, translating it to their language removes that barrier.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Let’s talk about speed. We all know how important loading speeds are on websites. A slow page will struggle at keeping visitors engaged resulting to high bounce rates, which is less than desirable. The problem only gets worse on mobile users which not only have to deal with slow network speeds but run the potential risk of high data charges when visiting large websites. There are a lot of ways to speed up page loading times and decrease the page size such as caching and minification plugins, CDNs and more, Accelerated Mobile Pages are yet another tool in our disposal which is purpose built for mobiles.

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How to create a music playlist with AudioIgniter in WordPress

We have recently released AudioIgniter. A stylish and easy to use audio player plugin for WordPress. AudioIgniter is suitable for solo artists, bands, DJs and podcasters.

The plugin is available for download for free on the WordPress plugin directory. It also has a PRO version, you can learn more about it on our site here.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at how we can create a playlist using AudioIgniter.

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The complete guide to WordPress menus

Navigation is a very important part of any webpage. A well structured one allows the visitors to easily locate all the information they are looking for and make the overall browsing experience more pleasant. Luckily WordPress has catered to this need with a functional and easy to use menu system. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the menu creation procedure.

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How to show only last child categories using the_category()

Have you ever wanted to change the_category()‘s behaviour so that it’ll only show the leaves (last child categories) of the selected WordPress categories?

For example, you might have a category hierarchy of Food > Cat > Prescription Cat Food, and it doesn’t really make sense to show all three categories. Due to organizational reasons however, you need to have all three of them selected. How do you force your theme then, to only display the Prescription Cat Food category?

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