Free App & Operating system icon pack

Heres’ a free icon pack exclusively design for CSSIgniter fans. We teamed up with freepik once more and their amazingly talented team designed this beautiful set of free app and operating system icons. 200 icons. Available in PNG and SVG format. Free for personal and commercial use. All they ask in return is credit for this amazing creation.

CSSIgniter WordPress contribution days

Right after we attended WordCamp Europe, we made a pact as a company to follow through on Matt’s five for the future, calling all WordPress focused companies to dedicate 5% of their resources working for WordPress.

Since there are four of us at CSSIgniter right now, and since my right leg can’t code by itself (yet), we decided to dedicate 5% of our time. That means for one day each month (to start with), we will run a WordPress contribution marathon as a company and the first of these contribution events will take place tomorrow, 29/10.

We are planning to start off by helping users with issues on the WordPress support forums, and for everyone who might be interested in joining we created a public HipChat room. Starting at about 13:00 p.m. CET, join in, get to meet us and we will coordinate the process.

We believe that this is the way to go forward; the above pact along with our sponsorships, organizing events and helping out wherever we can is a great start.

You have an idea. I have an idea. We swap. Now you have two ideas. And I have two ideas. WordCamp Europe 2014.

The famous quote by George Bernand Shaw, quoted by Simon Wheatley in his “Running An Open Source Business” presentation was arguably the most powerful message one should take from this year’s WordCamp Europe. Technical talks are amazing and fulfilling but the Open Source inspirational mentality is what makes them possible, what even makes WordCamps possible. Coupling this with Matt’s post about investing 5% of a company’s resources towards the well-being of WordPress, I firmly believe we had the most inspirational WordCamp weekend, at least one that I have attended personally.

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Supercharging your WordPress website with MaxCDN

At CSSIgniter we use MaxCDN for about a year now at both our main website and each of our 66 WordPress theme demos (66 at the time of writing). We serve literally millions of static files and hundreds of gigabytes through MaxCDN’s servers each month. A CDN is probably the first thing a developer or website owner should implement on his website if he’s serious about his business, due to how cost effective it is (MaxCDN‘s plans start at just $9/month) compared to the benefits it gives.

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How to programmatically get related WordPress posts, easily.

It’s a very common requirement nowadays to want to display related posts (or other post types) underneath your content. It engages readers, provides them with more related material to read, and effectively makes them spend more time on your site, further improving the probability to convert. Related posts also come with added SEO benefits, though minor, as they provide internal links to more of your content (and you probably shouldn’t get obsessed over it).

So, how you should go about adding related posts at your website? Well, it depends. It can be as simple as linking manually to your existing posts, employing semantic analysis algorithms to find related content, or anything in between. However for this tutorial we’ll take a medium route and dust off our PHP skills. We will use the post’s taxonomies and implement it ourselves.

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How to build your Business3ree homepage using widgets

About a week ago we released Business3ree, a business / portfolio theme for WordPress. In this theme we introduced a new way of building your homepage in a visual way. Drag and drop systems in WordPress aren’t something new but that doesn’t mean that they work as they should. Most of them are complicated, with a ton of features making things for the end user hard and occasionally impossible to comprehend and actually use them. In an effort to provide our users with a drag and drop system we decided to use the default drag and drop functionality already available in WordPress, specifically in the widgets section.

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Sneak peek: Travel theme for WordPress – Cousteau

Our first theme for July is almost there and today I would like to show you some of its key features. Cousteau is a travel WordPress theme carefully designed and developed to cater the needs of travel agencies, holiday makers and anyone in the travel industry. See the following screenshots with explanations of the various modules found in Cousteau.

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