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Travel the world with Cousteau Pro today

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Travel the world with Cousteau Pro today WordPress template

Summer is finally here and our latest release fits right in. Cousteau Pro is a modern WordPress theme built for travel agencies, tour operators and the adventurous travel blogger. It gives you the ability to display tour packages and destinations in a beautiful, yet functional and easy to manage way. Below we’ll take a look at some of the theme’s features.

Packages & Destinations

Packages are the theme’s custom post type which allow you to easily create and display information about a certain travel package to help your visitors book their ideal vacation. Packages can be reviewed by customers which can further help new ones choose the right one. Once you have your packages added you can categorize them into Destinations and Categories. This way if someone wants to visit a particular country, or prefers an adventurous vacation over a more relaxed one, will be able to filter through the packages in one click using the built-in search and filter mechanism, minimizing the time it takes to search and book.

Single Package

Package Review

Package Search and Filtering

Multiple Layouts

Destinations and packages can be displayed in a grid layout of 3 or 4 columns, or  in a list format thus providing more info to the visitor immediately. The grid layout can be seen above on the package filtering image and the list one can be seen below.

List Package View

Destination information

While destination is a custom taxonomy we have implemented an easy way for you to display information on a taxonomy listing page to describe to your visitors the best the destination has to offer.

Destination Information

Full Customizer support

As with all our latest themes, Cousteau Pro has a ton of options built in the WordPress Customizer. Here you can change the theme’s global color scheme or touch up the colors from individual theme parts, modify the typography, listing layouts, add social media links, footer info and much much more.

Custom widgets & Elements

Cousteau Pro comes with a plethora of custom widgets to help you make the most mainly of the theme’s widgetized front page template, but also sidebars in general. Among others you will find a destination widget which allows you to showcase one particular destination, widgets to help you display handpicked items from packages, destinations, posts and more, latest items widgets, call-outs and more. Along with the custom widgets the theme offers some custom elements for the Elementor page builder. This way you can create unique landing pages for your site by recreating the widgetized homepage layouts with Elementor, and improving them further using the builders flexibility.

Final words

All these and more are available today. Get your copy of Cousteau Pro and create an awesome travel related site.

4 responses to “Travel the world with Cousteau Pro today”

  1. Janos says:


    Is it possible to add to the Cousteau Pro the an ecommerce plugin? The visitors could book and pay for the trips trough the website?

    Thank you for the help in advance!


    Janos Kernya

    • Nik Vourvachis says:

      Hello Janos. Technically it is possible to use eCommerce plugins with Cousteau Pro but some styling will be needed, especially for WooCommerce. Easy Digital Downloads might be a safer bet, but still might require some custom styles.

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