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Fascinate the world through your videos with Vidiho Pro

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Fascinate the world through your videos with Vidiho Pro WordPress template

Our latest premium WordPress theme is out. After popular demand we have released Vidiho Pro, a video WordPress theme specifically tailored for the modern media producer. Starting a new YouTube channel? Vidiho Pro will be the perfect companion to your new venture. Let’s take a closer look at some of the theme’s features.


Video Listings

Naturally videos are at the forefront with Vidiho Pro. There are numerous layouts for you to list your videos with ranging from single to four column ones. If you list many videos you can apply a grid loading effect to speed things up by loading thumbnails as the user scrolls through them. Isotope filtering is also available to allow visitors to focus on a particular video category they are most interested in.

Single Video

As expected in the single video view your video is front and center. You can choose to display the post’s title above the video if you wish to. All other content will appear below the video.

Other video related features

When it comes to video sources you can select between YouTube / Vimeo hosted videos, or if you have the infrastracture, self-hosted ones. We have also built a slider for your homepage which can display a handpicked selection of videos giving you the opportunity to promote your best cinematography.

Finally the theme comes with optional floating video functionality, this will allow the visitor to continue watching yout video on the side while reading the post’s content.

Full Customizer support

As with all our latest themes, Vidiho Pro has a ton of options built in the WordPress Customizer. Change the theme’s global color scheme or touch up the colors from individual theme parts, modify the typography, listing layouts, add social media links, footer info and much much more.

Custom widgets and page builder support

We have build many custom widgets in Vidiho Pro, these will allow you to create beautiful widgetized landing pages and display your videos and posts in a beautiful and engaging way. Among others you will find widgets to display your latest videos and posts, widgets that allow you to display handpicked selections of videos, posts or pages and more. Along with the custom widgets the theme offers custom elements for the Elementor page builder. This way you can create unique landing pages for your site by recreating the widgetized homepage layouts with Elementor, and improving them further using the builders flexibility.

Out now!

Vidiho Pro has already been released, don’t miss out any more, check out the theme’s demo below and grab your copy today!

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  1. Super Wow – what a gorgeous theme – the membership keeps on giving with such stunning themes and functional plugins. Thank you for the continuous updates, new themes and integrating Elementor functionality – hopefully you’ll be adding support for Brizy – the new kid on the PageBuilder block :)

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