Introducing Tabloid

A few days ago we released our brand new News/Magazine WordPress theme, Tabloid. A lot of work and thought went into making Tabloid as versatile as possible and how to uniquely display our users’ content. Let’s take a look at how Tabloid excels in those areas.

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Discontinued: PlusMag, Photographia

Wow, look at that! We’ve managed to expand our product catalogue from 4 themes when we started, to 70 themes in just a few short years.
Time moves forward however, and even WordPress themes show their age at some point.

So, it’s time to discontinue two of our themes, PlusMag (a magazine theme) and Photographia (a photoblog theme) and give way to new, more exciting themes.

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Moving your WordPress installation using Duplicator

Many of our customers, correctly, build their projects on local or development servers and then, once everything is done and polished, the whole installation gets moved to another server to go live. Moving a WordPress installation is thoroughly documented in the Codex, but it can still be a bit complicated for a novice WordPress user/developer. Below we’re going to present an alternative way of moving (or even cloning) your installation using the Duplicator plugin.

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Holiday Support Schedule – December 2014

If you are already a CSSIgniter member then you already now about our effort to provide the best possible support. A typical meaningful response to any question won’t take more than a few hours. In every case, all support tickets must be resolved within 24 hours. As the winter holiday season is just around the corner, we need to take some time off and make sure that we will be able to provide this kind of support in 2015 too. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere, we will just be operating on a reduced schedule just for a couple of days:


  • Wednesday, December 24th – Support will close at 4pm GMT+2
  • Thursday, December 25th – Support will be closed for the day
  • Friday, December 26th – Support will close at 4pm GMT+2
  • Wednesday, December 31st – Support will close at 4pm GMT+2
  • Thursday, January 1st – Support will be closed for the day

Happy holidays!

WordPress Localization – How plural forms work

It seems there is a lot of confusion going around WordPress developers and enthusiasts regarding the proper use of the WordPress localization functions. Unfortunately, 99%1 of the tutorials circulating the Interwebz right now, only scratch the surface of localization by mentioning less than a handful of the functions available, and to make things worse, some of them are outdated or just plain wrong. Top that with insufficient knowledge of foreign languages, and you get a topic of localization that’s totally misunderstood or even skipped altogether; Plural Forms.

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How to set up automated cloud backups for your WordPress website

Most of us have either experienced catastrophic data loss or know someone who did, this is when we understand the value of regular backups and see how easily all our problems would go away, if only we had one available. Backups should be present anywhere there is data created, including our WordPress installations, strangely enough, this is not the case, many developers and site administrators don’t bother with setting one up. Luckily these days most popular hosts are quite reliable and hardware failure related data loss is relatively rare, however this is not the only reason that could potentially lead to us losing our work, WordPress has become an extremely popular platform on the web and following this increase in popularity is the increase of malicious attacks these two, along with user errors are the leading causes of data loss. Let’s see how we can prevent that.

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