Pinfinity 1.4

Hi there,

just a quick note to let you know that Pinfinity was just updated to version 1.4

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Video Series: WordPress fundamentals

3.5 hours of video are now available in our support forum exclusively available to our members.

This course is aimed at those who are just starting out with WordPress and probably are not familiar with the Dashboard. While we provide written documentation for all of our themes, there are members who ask questions like “Yes, i did read the documentation and it clearly states that i have to assign XYZ template to a page, but how do i create this page and how do i assign a template to it?”

Well, now they’ll be able to setup WordPress and learn about the Dashboard in 3.5 hours!

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Femme updated to 1.2


just a quick note that Femme, (our second eCommerce theme) just got a little better. It got what the previous updates gave to the rest of the themes: Read More

Pinfinity v1.2 is here

If you like Pinfinity, you are going to love its update to v1.2. We could go on and on about what makes this theme great, but we are not going to.

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