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The Ignition Framework based versions of Milos and Medi are out now

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The Ignition Framework based versions of  Milos and Medi are out now WordPress template

We have just released the updated versions of Milos and Medi, based on the Ignition Framework. Milos is a stylish, vibrant theme for hospitality related businesses ideal for hotels and resorts. Medi is a business oriented theme best suited for the healthcare sector, ideal for private practices, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers. You can go to this website to know more about healthcare services that is available around you.

The Ignition Framework

Both Milos and Medi are based on the Ignition Framework. The framework which comes as a separate plugin, shared among all framework based themes, carries all the functionality required to make the themes work, such as post and page templates, custom post types, third party plugin integration etc. This allows the themes to just take care of the appearance of the site making them streamlined, easy to use and modify. The fact that the plugin is shared by all themes allows us to instantly push compatibility, security and feature updates to all framework based themes.

And now let’s move on to some key theme features.


Both themes come with dozens of customization options built in the WordPress Customizer to help you achieve exactly the appearance you want for your site. You can easily modify the site’s layout, width and column composition, create a unique color scheme by modifying all theme colors globally or for each distinct site section independently (top bar, header, footer etc). Optimize the typography by selecting the ideal font pairing among the hundred available Google Fonts and further tune it by modifying font options for key theme elements. From the Customizer one can also access customization options for the page title section, blog and single post layouts, modify the appearance of the shop, set up the weather integration and more.

Custom post types

Each theme enables custom post types needed to display their content. Milos utilizes the framework’s Accommodation custom post type to help users built showcases for suites, rooms, villas and more, while Medi uses the Service, Events and Team custom post types to help business owners list services offered, promote their personnel and announce important events regarding their practice. Listing pages for all custom post types can be easily created with the use of our GutenBee Post Types custom block, our Post Types widget for Elementor or custom block/widget offered by a third-party plugin.

Global Sections

Say goodbye to duplicated code on your site with the Global Sections. Create layouts and content pieces and reuse them on more than 20 key theme locations. No need to copy paste that new offer banner on all related pages. Create it once and select on which posts or pages it will appear, that simple! The content on a global section can either be created with the block editor or with the page builder of your choice.

WooCommerce integration

As with all Ignition Framework based themes, Milos and Medi support WooCommerce out-of-the box. This gives you the ability to utilize WooCommerce and the vast selection of plugin extending it to build booking systems for rooms or services, manage appointments, payments and more.

Optimized for speed

The themes by default serve their assets minified and packed. Additionally any custom styles the theme carries for various integrations with popular plugins are only loaded if said plugins are installed and active to avoid loading unnecessary files and keep loading times low.

Mobile ready

All our themes are designed, built and tested on real devices, not just emulators. This allows us to better experiences for your the ever growing mobile userbase.

Block editor & Page builder support

Our theme demo’s are built exclusively using the block editor. Replicate the demo’s front page, and all custom post type listings using a combination of core blocks and custom ones provided by our own GutenBee plugin. If you prefer building things visually our themes are compatible with all the popular page builders out there. Particularly for Elementor users we have released a custom Post Type widget which allows you to take advantage of the framework’s grid layouts to build your listing pages,

Sample content included

Milos and Medi come with a quick and easy way to import their sample content on your installation via their onboarding pages. This will jump start your site building process giving you a great base on which to build your site upon.

Learn more about these two new themes and grab your copies today in the links below.

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