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Salon is a WordPress theme for beauty professionals

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Salon is a WordPress theme for beauty professionals WordPress template

Salon is our latest WordPress theme, aimed at beauty care professionals. If you are the proprietor of a beauty spa, nail or hair salon, skin clinic that is equipped with OGLF tested epilators, tanning salon or make up studio, Salon will help you create a beautiful online presence for your business. Let’s take a look at some of Salon’s offerings.

The Ignition Framework

Salon is based on our custom built Ignition Framework. The framework provides myriads of customization options including, but not limited to, color & typography options, header, footer and general site layout controls and many more. It also comes built in with the custom post types and templates needed by the theme and finally it takes care of third party plugin integrations. This relieves the theme of any clutter making it efficient, lightweight and fast.

Service management

With the services custom post type included with Salon you can create informative pages for each one of the services your business provides to its clients. With the help of the block editor you can create unique layouts for the service content to make it more appealing to readers while still giving them all the information they need in order to pick you instead of any competitors. Services can also be split into categories with the included service category taxonomy for easier management by site administrators and improved discoverability by potential clients. With the help of the Post Types block provided by our free custom blocks plugin GutenBee you can set up beautiful listing pages for your entire service roster, complete with optional category filtering, or have a separate service listing page for each service category, it’s up to you.

Team custom post type

It is very important for your clients to know more about the trained professionals they are entrusting their well-being and appearance with. To make things easier for business owners, Salon comes with a purpose built Team custom post type. The custom post type will take care of hosting information regarding your individual team members’ qualifications and areas of specialization. Similarly to the service custom post type, you can split team members to groups using the built in category taxonomy and create grid listings for your roster using the GutenBee Post Types block.

Appointments your way

With Salon you are free to choose your own tools to handle appointments with, the theme will not restrict you in any way. You can choose the simple route of an appointment request contact form, or handle appointments through a WordPress plugin (even WooCommerce if that’s your preference since Salon supports it out of the box), or embed appointment booking code from an external service of your choosing.

Complete color control

Built in the WordPress Customizer you will find all the color options you need to create a unique color scheme for your site which perfectly reflects your brand. You can modify global theme colors like the primary and secondary accents, text & button colors and many more, or you can focus on certain sections like the header, menu or footer and fine tune their appearance.

Wrapping up

With Salon you can build a modern, responsive and beautiful website for your beauty oriented business. Take advantage of its extensive block editor support, the bundled custom post types, its dozens of customization options and its speed to upgrade your business’ online presence. Learn more about the theme and grab your copy today in the links below.

4 responses to “Salon is a WordPress theme for beauty professionals”

  1. Looks great! Does this theme has any free version available now? Just want to make it a try before purchasing the Pro version.

  2. cinco93 says:

    Now we have Salon 1.8.6 installed, can we easy update to the new version of Salon? Or is our current website to be a mess and do we have to start all over?

    • Nik says:

      All our Ignition Framework based themes are complete rewrites of their older counterparts. This means that there is no automated upgrade path from the old instance to the new one. Migrating to the new iteration of the theme requires building it anew.

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