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Our list of themes with full support for Elementor Pro

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Our list of themes with full support for Elementor Pro WordPress template

Just a little while ago, the team behind Elementor, one of the best page builders for WordPress out there, released version 2.0 of their amazing product. If you’ve been under a rock and you haven’t heard about Elementor, I think you should really try it out. There’s a free version available. With more than 28 widgets available you can build your pages visually without touching any code. Heck, we’ve been building Elementor landing pages for a while and we love it.

Elementor Pro theme locations.

Elementor Pro 2.0 introduced the notion of “Theme locations” that allows theme developers to create custom locations and edit them with Elementor. It means that you can edit any layout component using Elementor. If you are a theme developer you can learn more about theme locations in this page.

Theme support

There are 3 types of support for theme locations that themes could provide:

  1. Unsupported – Themes that don’t support Elementor locations.
  2. Partial Support – Themes that support only header and footer locations.
  3. Full Support – Themes that support all core locations.

And guess what. We went ahead and added full support for our most popular themes. Here’s the list:


Learn more about Andros


Learn more about Benson


Learn more about Blockchain


Learn more about Carbone


Learn more about Hellomouse


Learn more about Milos


Learn more about Neto

Public Opinion

Learn more about Public Opinion


Learn more about Roxima


Learn more about Spencer


Learn more about Struct

The Styler

Learn more about The Styler


Learn more about Technico


Learn more about Zermatt

Are there any other themes that you would like us to provide full support for Elementor theme locations? Just let us know!

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  1. Benderson says:

    Time to create more addon for elementor then !

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