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Olsen and Olsen Light have been updated

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Olsen and Olsen Light have been updated WordPress template

We have just released updates for our very popular blogging WordPress themes, Olsen and Olsen Light. These updates bring new features to the themes you already know and love, let’s check them out.

Related posts on post listings

We have added the ability to display related posts on the post listing page itself. Now you can promote older posts that might be related to your the ones you’ve just published, by adding a related section just below the main article’s excerpt, this way you can increase the visitor’s engagement by giving them more articles to read on a related subject, even if they are not interested in the main article. The feature is available on both Olsen and Olsen Light and works on the classic blog layouts.

Site wide social icons

This new feature allows you to display links to your social media profiles to the left of the screen on all pages. You no longer have to worry if a user might miss the socials widget, and you will be able to hide the social icons from the header, to de-clutter it a bit, if you so desire. This feature is available both in Olsen and Olsen Light.

Shop sidebar

We heard your requests and have added an optional sidebar to the shop page. Turn it on and display your preferred WooCommerce widgets to give your customers a more pleasant shopping experience. This feature is available in the pro version of Olsen.

along with the new shop sidebar, we implemented the ability to control the number of rows and columns in the product listing, using WooCommerce’s built in options, and fixed some minor styling issues in the single product page.

Check them out now!

If you like the new features added to the themes you can learn more about them by following the links below!

2 responses to “Olsen and Olsen Light have been updated”

  1. Cynthia Pang says:


    I love your theme, but was wondering if I could have the old version of Olsen Light again, because that looked much better with my website. Please please!! The navigation bar no longer works for me because the arrow that used to be there was taken away–and i cannot click on the pages that are under a certain page in the navigation!!! This is a technical issue that I am not sure how to fix, so would rather have the original version!! I really hope to hear from you!!!

    • Gerasimos Tsiamalos says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      No, we didn’t remove the arrows, something else is going on with your installation. The footer doesn’t load (and this is the place where we load some scripts, one of them is the script responsible for the arrows that you see).

      Just open a new thread in this forum (Registration is free) and my support partner will be there for you

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