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New features for all our framework based themes

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New features for all our framework based themes WordPress template

Last March we released Moliere, our first theme based on our brand new theme framework, since then we have released three more themes based on it, Convert, Projektor and Korina, which have enjoyed a great reception by all of you. A few months ago new features were added to the framework to make working with our themes an even better experience. We’re happy to announce that even more features were added to the framework and all themes based on it, let’s take a closer look.

Per post customizable branding

You all know and love our post settings metabox which allows you to override almost all global theme options and create unique posts, pages and custom post type to feature the content you want, create landing pages and more. The Override logo option was added under Header > Content, this option gives you the ability to set a custom logo & alternative logo and modify & toggle the site title, allowing for even deeper customization of individual post type items.

Custom post types can be turned on or off

From now on, along with the theme’s Customizer panels you can disable its custom post types as well. Don’t need one or more custom post types that come with the theme? No problem, just head to Appearance > Theme Settings and disable them, declutter your dashboard with just a few clicks.

Support for video backgrounds on hero sections

You can now add background videos to the hero section of any post, page or custom post type to capture your visitors’ attention. You can use both Youtube & Vimeo videos or upload your own video files, it’s up to you. The new option can be found under Hero > Content in the post settings metabox.

And more

Along with the above some smaller features have been added as well. There is now a Customizer option to disable the theme’s built in FontAwesome if you want to load it from somewhere else, WooCommerce related products can be turned off on single products, and finally there is a Customizer option for Asset optimization, this allows you to choose how CSS & JS files will be loaded. You can choose to load minified, unminified or minified & prepackaged files in order to reduce the size and number of requests. Check out the themes using the links below and grab your copies today!

2 responses to “New features for all our framework based themes”

  1. Angelo Giannatos says:

    Any thoughts on releasing those Custom post types as a standalone plugin to complement your previous themes when a page builder such as Divi or Elementor is used ?

    • Gerasimos Tsiamalos says:

      This would be cool but totally out of scope. I mean you can easily create custom post types with their own fields etc with Toolkit or a similar tool :)

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