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Our brand new theme framework gains new features

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Our brand new theme framework gains new features WordPress template

In case you missed it, last month we released Moliere, a hospitality theme, based on our brand new framework. Meanwhile, we’ve been hard at work building more goodies for you and improving upon what we’ve already built. Now, Moliere v1.1 adds some more features to sweeten the deal!

If you haven’t been following our blog and you’re short on time, let me give you the gist of our framework; You customize your site using the Customizer, and then you can override most of those options in each page/post/etc, individually! There’s also some inheritance into the mix, so your blog posts will have the appearance of your blog page, your products that of your shop’s page, you rooms that of your room-listing page’s, etc. Then, a specific post/page/room/product can again override most options.

New features

Let’s take a quick look at the new features:

Food/Drinks Menu

A brand new post type, Menu Items, has been added that allows you to present your restaurant’s menu in an elegant way. You can (of course) add photos and prices, as well as optional descriptions that might be useful to your customers (think ingredients and allergens).

Split them in categories and subcategories, and selectively display what you need by using the built-in [menu-items] shortcode. You can easily have different menus for your bar and restaurant, breakfast and dinner.

Hero Parallax & Full Viewport Height

The background image of the hero section now supports the parallax effect. Just provide a big enough image and click Enable. You’ll immediately feel the warm, fuzzy feeling of the effect while scrolling the page.

Of course, you can adjust its speed setting if you so desire (but we thing we’ve provided a good default for most cases), and you can override the setting in your blog/posts/pages/etc.

Also now you’re able to set your heroes at the full height of your viewport easy-peasy!

Mobile Menu Colors

As of 2019, more than 50% of your visitors will view your website using a mobile device. It only makes sense that the mobile menu, the main navigation element of your website, is customizable.

That’s why we added a brand new customizer section with 6 color options, that allows you to totally set the best colors for your site.

Smooth Scrolling Menus

Improve your single-page landing templates with smooth scrolling from your main menu to any section inside your page. Supported out of the box, all that’s required is simply to write down the CSS id of your target section in the link attribute of a native WordPress menu link!

Global Sections

Another new post type available, is Global Sections. Their use might not be apparent at first, but once you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll wonder how you lived without them so far. Think of them as re-usable pieces of content. Once you create a global section, you can use the [global-section] shortcode to include it in any part of your website that support shortcodes! And the best part; you can even use Elementor to create the content! Embed some text inside the content of a page or a gallery in a room, a button in widget, or even videos before the header/hero/content/etc of a post. The limit is your imagination!

Infinite Scroll

No more clickety-clicks for your users. If you are using Jetpack, you can enable Infinite Scroll for your blog right from within Jetpack’s settings page.

WPML Support

What would a hotel site be without support for multiple languages to cater for your international visitors? Moliere now makes sure it plays nice with WPML, one of the most popular multilingual plugins of the WordPress ecosystem.

Update Checks

A few months ago, we released a plugin that will help you keep your CSSIgniter themes and plugin up to date, right from your site’s dashboard. You will be happy to hear however, that Moliere will also report to your dashboard if it finds itself outdated. Just note that it won’t provide any updates, just notifications. If you still need updates to happen from your dashboard, you’ll need to use the CSSIgniter Updater plugin.

Experience Moliere v1.1 for yourself!

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