New features added to Olsen, our most popular WordPress theme for fashion / lifestyle bloggers

Our extremely popular fashion blogging theme Olsen has just been updated with exciting new features.

We have added a widgetized area below the frontpage slider. Place one or more widgets in to the sidebar to create a featured section on the frontpage. The sidebar automatically adapts the columns depending on the widgets you add. If you only add one it will be fullwidth, adding two will create a two column layout, up to three columns.

Along with the sidebar we have added a Callout widget which you can use to create the layout displayed on the theme’s demo, just add a title, an image and the URL you want the Callout box to lead to and you are done!

Check Olsen out below:
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  1. Hi! Love the widgetized area below the frontpage slider! I have the Olsen theme but I don’t see these new functions available. Is there a way to update on my end?

    1. Gerasimos Tsiamalos says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Of course there is a way to update. If you need help just post in our support forum and my support partner will be there for you!

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