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New features added to Olsen & Olsen Light

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New features added to Olsen & Olsen Light WordPress template

We have just released an updated for our most popular blogging themes. Both Olsen and the free Olsen Light got new features. A top bar with its bespoke menu has been added to both themes, additionally the themes now have the ability to share posts on LinkedIn, finally Olsen Light got a search box in the main menu bar. Read below for more info on these new features.

Olsen Pro

Top Bar

One of your more popular requests, the top bar, has now been added to Olsen. The top bar comes with its own custom menu, once you set a menu as the top menu it will appear. Along with the menu you can display your social icons and a search box, both of which can be independently toggled in the Customizer as shown below. On mobile devices the menu will be hidden giving way to the social icons, search box, or both.

Header Background options

You can now set background colors and images to the header area, and also adjust its height using the Customizer. This feature allows you to better emphasize your logo and make it pop by using specific colors or images.

LinkedIn sharing

A few days ago Google has discontinued Google Plus, as it had previously announced. We saw this as a great opportunity to replace the, now defunct, G+ sharing button found at the bottom of every post, with the much more popular LinkedIn one. As before no actions are required on your part, just update your theme and the button will be replaced, you are then ready to share your posts on LinkedIn.

Olsen Light

Olsen Light has been improved with the addition of a top bar as well. You can use it to display a custom menu specific for the top bar, and also display links to your various social profiles. Social profile links can be toggled via the Customizer.

LinkedIn sharing has replaced the G+ one in Olsen Light as well!

Finally, Olsen Light got a search box in the main menu bar, to allow your user quicker access to specific or older content. The search box can be toggled via the Customizer’s header options panel.

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