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Feature & maintenance updates for our popular themes

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Feature & maintenance updates for our popular themes WordPress template

We have just released updates for some of our most popular themes. These updates include both new features and improvements on existing ones, along with necessary bugfixes. Let’s take a quick look at the updated themes.


Flexible typography is essential on a blogging theme, this is why we have improved Paperbag’s typography controls to make them more lightweight and robust. The most popular font variants are now loaded automatically to ensure that everything is rendered properly, all typography default are now generated and served though the WordPress Customizer, making it very easy to override them without the need for any styling. We have also incorporated a way for you to entirely disable all Google fonts should you desire to do so.


Oscillator has also received an upgrade on its typography options including automatic loading of font weights, improved generation of typography defaults and the ability to toggle Google fonts off. Additionally we have added two new color options to Oscillator, one to control the color of the site’s heading and one for the heading links giving you even finer control over your site’s color scheme.


Our most popular blogging theme has received a new onboarding page to help new users get started by providing info on required and recommended widgets, easy sample content importing, useful links and more. Additionally the same typography updates as in the previous themes were applied to Olsen as well.


The gorgeous hotel theme Zermatt has received a thorough update to its typography settings to make them faster and easier to use, matching the theme’s typography to your brand has never been easier.

Public Opinion

The typography controls of Public Opinion were updated as well and a new one was added for the theme’s menu giving you finer control over the theme’s typography. We have also added two new color controls, for the site’s headings and heading links allowing for more granularity when creating a color scheme for your site.

Sun Resort

Sun Resort has received a major feature update to make it an even more suitable candidate for your hotel’s or resort’s new website. We have added Customizer color options to help you perfectly match your business’ brand easily through a familiar interface without any coding needed. To go along with the color controls we have added extensive typography customization options to make applying the perfect font selection that much easier. For the ones among you who like building things visually we have added a custom Elementor element to help you display any one of the theme’s multiple custom post types on pages built with Elementor. Finally we have incorporated an optional sticky header to the theme.


Technico also received an update to its typography options making them faster and even more functional. The existing theme custom Elementor elements have been updated with item section toggles making it easier to disable any section you don’t want to show up on custom post type grids.


Our final theme for this update run was Struct. Struct’s typography options were also updated, the theme’s custom element has been modernized to be more functional and an entire new element was added to help you easily create grids of custom post types.

All themes are available for download today through our downloads section, or through the WordPress dashboard if you are using our theme updating system.

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