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Factum is a WordPress theme for law professionals

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Factum is a WordPress theme for law professionals WordPress template

We have just released the new updated version of our one page WordPress theme Factum, based on the Ignition Framework. Factum is aimed at law professionals such as attorneys with private practices, law firms and legal offices of any kind. Below we’ll go through some of the theme’s features.

Under the hood

Factum is backed up by the Ignition Framework which comes in the form of a plugin shared among all framework based themes and takes care of all the heavy lifting. The plugin carries with it the site’s customization options ranging from colors and typography to layout, it also hosts most of the template files, custom post types, custom fields and more, leaving just the appearance to be handled by the theme. This separation makes the theme lightweight and easy to work with and allows us to manage updates for all themes more easily through a single update release.

One page

Factum is designed and built to help you create a modern, clean and comprehensive one-page site for your law related business. Easily list all necessary information regarding the work you do and the areas of law you specialize in, your team members and partners, notable clients, recent articles you have published, contact info and anything else you deem important for your visitors and potential clients. Factum is fully compatible with the block editor which allows you to easily create the exact layout you need for your new site using both WordPress provided blocks and custom ones such as the ones provided by our free blocks plugin GutenBee. While Factum was built with one-page sites in mind it is still a fully functional WordPress themes, you can use it to publish blog posts or news regarding your business, add secondary pages with helpful content, it even supports WooCommerce if you need it.

On page navigation

One page sites need to provide a good navigation option to their users because sometimes in might be difficult to find what they are looking for, especially if the page is a bit on the longer side. With Factum you will be able to create such a navigation using standard WordPress menus enhanced by the smooth scrolling functionality provided by the theme. The fact that the homepage is block based means that you can place as many anchor points you deem necessary, exactly where you need them.

Full typography control

Typography is a very important aspect on business site because it helps convey professionalism. Factum incorporates typography controls in the WordPress Customizer for the theme’s primary, secondary, navigation and page title font families, it also brings font property controls for key theme sections like headings and widgets. Choose the fonts that best suit your business among the dozens of available Google Fonts, fine tune the sizes for your headings and you are good to go. All font options are responsive which means that you can have different font sizes (or even different font families) when the site is viewed on the desktop, on tablets and on phones.

Lightweight and responsive

When building both the Ignition Framework and Factum we took extra care to make sure they are as lightweight as possible and work perfectly regardless of screen size. Theme assets are only loaded when needed to make the site load faster and are by default served minified to further reduce bandwidth usage, this ensures you site will load fast even on slow connection like mobile devices with less than ideal cell coverage.

Wrapping up

Factum is a clean, functional and highly customizable WordPress theme for lawyers, law firms and legal offices. Its extensive block editor support facilitates the creation of unique and comprehensive one-page presentation of any type of law related business. Learn more about the theme and grab your copy today in the links below.

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