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Create an awesome one page site with the new Potenza

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Create an awesome one page site with the new Potenza WordPress template

Yet another Ignition Framework based theme has just landed. Today we have released Potenza, a theme ideal for creating one page sites for businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the theme’s key features below.

The Ignition Framework

Let’s talk a bit about the Ignition Framework first. The framework, which comes in the form of a separate plugin, bundles all the necessary templates, custom post types, scripts, third party integrations and any other functionality required to make your site tick and leaves the theme to handle only the site’s appearance. This clear separation makes themes streamlined, lightweight and very easy to work with and customize due to the lack of unnecessary code. The framework plugin is shared among all Ignition Framework based themes, this allows us to instantly push out any necessary compatibility, security and feature updates to the entire themebase.

And now let’s move on to some of the theme’s most important features.


Potenza comes with all the customization options you’ll need built in the WordPress Customizer. Easily modify the site’s layout, width, column composition, create custom color schemes by modifying colors globally or individually for key theme sections like the header, footer, desktop & mobile menus and more. Tailor the theme’s typography by picking your favorite font pairing amongst the vast options offered by the Google Fonts library. Choose the information shown on post listings and single posts, customize the appearance of the page title section and many more to achieve the appearance that best matches your business’ needs.

Flexible Header

Tailor your site’s header with an optional top bar along with the header section. Both feature predefined areas which can display custom content like plain text, HTML or even one of the theme’s built in shortcodes like the weather, social menu or WooCommerce related ones like the mini cart. The header can be made sticky and all colors can be easily customized.

Supplement your site’s header with an optional top bar along with the normal header section. Both sections offer predefined content areas which can display custom content such as plain text, HTML or any of the theme’s built in shortcodes like the language switcher, WooCommerce mini-cart, social menu and more. The header can be made sticky, transparent and all its colors can be easily modified. Furthermore the position of the logo and menu can be rearranged.

Global Sections

Easily create pieces of content with the block editor or your favorite page builder and reuse theme on more than 20 key theme locations including before & after the header, footer, content and more using the built in Global Sections custom post type. Create call to actions, banners, display social links and more.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Apart from helping you create an awesome one-page presentation for your business, Potenza can also assist you in creating your own online store. Utilize the power of WooCommerce to sell anything with ease, whether it is physical products, digital downloads or even other services. Customize your store by choosing the optimal product listing layout, show alternative product images on listing pages, fine-tune the appearance of the single product’s gallery and more to better promote your products.


Ignition Framework based themes are built with performance in mind. To help minimize loading times all theme assets are served minified and packed. Additionally assets required for third party plugin integrations are only loaded when these plugins are installed and activated further improving loading times.

Perfect for mobile devices

Potenza was designed, build and tested on real devices, not just emulators. This way we can make sure it provides the best browsing experience possible to your mobile visitors.

Ready for the block editor

Potenza takes full advantage of the block editor’s capabilities to present its content. Both the theme’s homepage and single posts are built using a combination of core blocks and custom ones provided by our free plugin, GutenBee. We tested the blocks extensively and added styling where necessary to make them match the theme’s appearance perfectly. Of course the theme is compatible with the most popular page builders out there so feel free to use them if you prefer to build things visually.

Easy to get started

If you are looking for a solid foundation to help you get started with building your new site you’ll be happy to know Potenza comes with a very simple way for you to import the theme’s sample content. Just navigate to the theme’s onboarding page, activate the necessary plugins and click the import button. That’s it, a few moments later you’ll have a close approximation of the theme’s demo imported and you can start working from there.

Learn more about Potenza, check out its demo and grab your copy in the links below.

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