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Build your new online portfolio with Hellomouse

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Build your new online portfolio with Hellomouse WordPress template

Another portfolio theme has been added to our theme roster. Hellomouse is a clean and minimal portfolio theme for WordPress. Its unique aesthetic makes it ideal for creative professionals, especially graphic designers and illustrators. Let’s take a look at some of the theme’s features.

An Ignition Framework based theme

As with all our recent themes, Hellomouse is based on the Ignition Framework. The framework plugin gives the theme its flexibility by providing dozens of customization options, such as full color & typography control, general site layout options, listing options and many more. Furthermore it keeps it lightweight and clutter free by housing all the post and page templates, custom post types, custom fields, everything except the styling that gives the theme its unique appearance is provided by the framework plugin. The plugin is common between all framework based themes which allows us to push updates to fix bugs, patch any security issues, update compatibility with third party plugins or add new features, to all themes at the same time.

Portfolio custom post type

Hellomouse comes with a purpose built portfolio custom post type. Use it to create showcases for your designs and illustrations to better promote your work to your visitors. The layout of each portfolio item is entirely up to you. The post type fully supports the WordPress block editor giving you the freedom to tailor the appearance of your items just the way you like them. Utilize galleries, slideshows, videos and anything else you deem appropriate to better communicate what you do. The post type also supports a portfolio category taxonomy which can be used to group items based on similar characteristics to make it easier for you to manage them and for visitors to locate items they are interested in.

Flexible portfolio listings

Create listing pages for your portfolio items with the Post Types block provided by our free custom blocks plugin, GutenBee. Using the Post Types block you can create listing pages for all your portfolio items with optional pagination and category filtering, or create a listing for each portfolio category separately. Listing grids can be placed by themselves on pages or along with any content you think might enhance your visitors’ experience on your site.

Global sections

The Global Sections offered by Hellomouse are an invaluable tool when you need to work with repeated content throughout the site. Create the content for your Global Section using the block editor (or your favorite page builder) and choose where you want to display it. More than 20 key theme locations are at your disposal including, but not limited to, before & after the header, footer, content, between posts in post listings and many more. Global Sections can be displayed globally, on single items, globally with the exception of some hand picked items, displayed only on hand picked pages/posts and more, they are as flexible as they come. With Global Sections you can easily display newsletter subscription boxes, calls to action, ads and anything else you might want repeated in multiple places on your site.

WooCommerce support

Are you planning on selling your creations through your new site? Hellomouse can take care of that as well with its built in WooCommerce support. Simply add your products and let the most powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress do its thing. No matter if you are selling physical or just digital prints, WooCommerce along with Hellomouse will give you a modern, beautiful and functional online store.

Wrapping up

Create your next portfolio website with Hellomouse. Take advantage of the extensive customization options provided by our framework, the built in portfolio custom post type, the full block editor support and the out of the box WooCommerce support to better promote your work and expand  your business. Learn more about the theme and grab your copy at the links below.

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