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WPML Compatibility – UltraSeven, Muzak, Acoustic

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WPML Compatibility – UltraSeven, Muzak, Acoustic WordPress template

You probably already know that we’ve been hard at work to bring you peace of mind, by implementing small and big features, here and there. You also probably might know that we’ve been on the quest to bring full WPML compatibility to our full themes catalog.

We just heard back from the good folks of WPML and we are happy to announce that three more of our themes are now fully WPML compatible.

Specifically, UltraSeven, a beautiful, responsive WooCommerce theme, is now WPML-ready. Furthermore the music themes Muzak and Acoustic, two more of our ThemeForest items, are also WPML-ready (and WooCommerce compatible, too!).

Please note that in order to be able to translate the theme’s strings and/or settings from within the plugin, you will need the “String Translation” plugin, which is part of WPML’s “Multilingual CMS” subscription.

Also, there is a separate plugin, WooCommerce Multilingual that enables you to use WPML with WooCommerce with ease.

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