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Announcing WPML compatibility

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Announcing WPML compatibility WordPress template

We might have been a bit quiet lately, but the world of WordPress is constantly evolving and we work hard to keep everything up to date, as well as providing more features and new themes. You may already know that a brand new version of WordPress is due (v3.8), and we are double-checking that our themes will work flawlessly.

Speaking of features, setting up multilingual installations is one of those things that our members seem to be doing quite often. We’ve built internationalization support into our themes since day one, by properly wrapping all text instances into gettext functions and providing the appropriate files. However, translating a theme and having a multilingual website, is a whole different story as WordPress can’t handle multilingual websites natively.

That’s where WPML comes into play.

WPML allows you to set up a multilingual website in a few minutes, literally! Believe me, once you try this plugin, your problem will be finding translators. Oh wait, you can find translators right from within the plugin itself!

What came natural was to make our themes compatible with WPML. Although we have already implemented generic support into most of our themes, allowing you to translate dynamic text (and even settings), you might come across some rough edges. So, we decided to commit into making our themes officially compatible with WPML, in cooperation with the folks over at WPML.

We’ve been sending our themes over, and we are happy to announce our first officially approved WPML-compatible theme, Club88. This is one of a few themes that we provide over at ThemeForest. Make no mistake though, each and every one of our members is special, so all of our themes will be updated, one by one, until all of them are officially audited and approved.

Please note that in order to be able to translate┬áthe theme’s strings and/or settings from within the plugin, you will need the “String Translation” plugin, which is part of WPML’s “Multilingual CMS” subscription.

2 responses to “Announcing WPML compatibility”

  1. valerie125 says:

    Hi !

    That’s a very good news. Can you tell when Ultraseven theme will be officially approved WPML-compatible ?

    Thank you !

    • Vassilis Mastorostergios says:

      Kinda hard to tell yet, still quite a lot of themes to go WPML. We’re focused on our Hotel themes at the moment which will be the first ones. Ultraseven is definitely in the top 10 though.

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