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Take control of your widgets with the Widget Options plugin

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Take control of your widgets with the Widget Options plugin WordPress template

Widgets are an essential part of most WordPress sites. They help us feature content, products, display social profiles and feeds, contact info and more. However sometimes you might need more refined control over your widgets, what if you want to display a widget on a certain page alone, or only on posts of a certain category, what if you want to apply custom styling to a widget? Luckily there are plugins to help us with this and today we’re taking a look at one of them.

Widget Options

The plugin comes both with a free and a pro version. Let’s take a quick look at both of them so you can better decide which one suites you best.

The free version is available on the WordPress plugin directory. Once you install and activate it you will notice four tabs that appear below each widget.

The first tab allows you to customize the widget’s visibility on pages, posts, custom post types, categories and taxonomies. You can make your widget appear only on pages, or just a single page, or a certain taxonomy, anything you like really. The second tab allows you to toggle the widget’s visibility on certain device types, for example if you want the widget to appear only on mobiles you can set it to do so.  The third tab allows you to change the widget’s text alignment, center, right, left and justified are available. Finally the fourth tab allows you to hide the widget’s title, apply custom IDs and classes to make styling the widget via custom CSS easier and, in the Display Logic sub-tab, you can use WordPress conditional tags to control the widget’s appearance with great precision. Additionally the plugin is compatible with SiteOrigin’s PageBuilder, you can enable the tabs on the PageBuider under Settings > Widget Options. As you can see the plugin’s free version is a pretty solid solution for controlling the appearance and styling of your widgets.

Price: Free

Now let’s take a look at the Pro version for some more advanced features. Once you install and activate the extended version of the plugin (please remember to remove the free version because you could run into some issues if both versions are active) you will now get eight tabs below each widget with many more options available.

Apart from all the options you had before, now you can create columned layouts on each sidebar. Every widget will take up one column and you can create grids with up to four columns. Text alignment can now be control on a per device basis. Widget appearance can be customized based on the user’s role and on a day/date based program. The advanced widget styling options tab will make custom CSS almost obsolete, you can use it to style the widget’s background, headings, text, links, borders, form elements and more. Finally you can add animations to the widget on page load or when it enters the screen, this way you can grab the visitor’s attention easily.

Price: Starts from $29 for the Personal license.

2 responses to “Take control of your widgets with the Widget Options plugin”

  1. Kevin Larkin says:

    Hi Nik – this is a good plugin, and displaying a widget on an individual page or category is pretty straightforward. Displaying on an individual post is not. I’ve tried the instructions here,, without luck.

    Here’s the code I’ve entered in the Logic Tab: is_single(array(’314’))

    Do you know how to display a widget on an individual post? Thanks.

    • Nik says:

      Hello Kevin. The code appears correct, it could be a fault of the quotation marks you are using. Please copy paste this code and see if it works is_single(array('314'))

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