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So much more than a price change

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So much more than a price change WordPress template

Just a bit over two years ago, when we launched CSSIgniter, we started off with high hopes and expectations and it’s exhilarating to watch our hard work come to fruition. It’s arguably an understatement to simply say that so far it has been a life changing experience for us. Throughout these last two years we’ve grown our portfolio to 62 themes (that’s an average of almost 2.3 themes per month), grown from zero to 17,000 paying customers, answered more than 10,000 customization support tickets, added new talent to our team, and all that doing what we love most: developing for WordPress and talking to our members.

Our members spoke, we listened

Our “$39 get everything for a year” pricing model has served us remarkably well, but it seemed inflexible enough to accommodate everyone’s request. We’ve thought long and hard about how we can create a fair plan that can fit in with our members’ needs, and continue to enable us to provide the high quality themes we offer at the rate of two per month, plus our 5-star support with an average first reply of under 6 hours.

Today, we’re excited to share the news of our new pricing model. We’re replacing our old single plan with three types of payments, a non-recurring, one-off purchase for single themes at $39, a standard recurring plan for $49 which includes all themes plus everything we release for the next year, and a developer’s plan at $79, which includes all themes plus their HTML and PSD versions, and of course, everything we release for the next year as well. All plans continue to have support and updates for 1 year.

Our free themes are, of course, still free. We’ll also continue to provide free support for them and treat them as any other paid theme, as we’ve always done.

Breaking it down

Here’s how the new pricing works in detail.

Single theme option

Since a lot of our members used to purchase a subscription for just one theme, many of them complained about the issue that they had to cancel their subscription plan right after buying it. The single theme option at $39 means you can purchase one theme and be done with it, simple as that. There are no recurring payments after that, and the theme is yours to do as you wish. We still offer 1 year of support and updates for that particular theme.

Standard plan

This option was created to accommodate our main client base, freelancers or small agencies with a lot of projects on their hands. We offer our full collection of (currently) 62 WordPress themes plus everything we release for the next year of their annual subscription at $49. This means you get 62 WordPress themes and support/updates for all of them for a full year, no questions asked.

Developer’s plan

The developer’s plan is our premium choice at $79 which includes everything that’s on the Standard Plan plus the HTML and Photoshop files of all themes.

Current members

If you already are a member of CSSIgniter nothing changes for you. As long as you renew your subscription it will always, indefinitely cost the old price of $39.


Our old pricing system has served us well, and we believe the new pricing plans will continue to do so. So much so that we guarantee the new prices will remain as they are for at least the next two years.

As far as releases go, we’ll continue to release two themes per month, as always, and next up on the program for this summer are a few super business themes which is one of our members’ top requests. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “So much more than a price change”

  1. hakonzen says:

    Sounds like a reasonable plan, Vassilis. You guys have delievered lots of great themes so far, and you services rocks! Eagerly awating new business themes. How bout a e-learning theme for videotutorials?

    • Vassilis Mastorostergios says:

      Thanks hakonzen! E-learning for video tutorials! A new video theme is on our list sometime in the future, can’t promise e-learning, but I’ll see what we can do!

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